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What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

  1. basilhs333
    Welcome to Payload Eruption! After 8 months in development hopefully it would be worth the wait.
    What I made here was what i thought mercenary park would look like when valve announched the jungle themed update and also I had some really specific goals with this map that i wanted to accomplish with this map.

    - I wanted the first area to be on a beach , the second on a cave , the third somewhere inside jungle and the last inside the volcano.

    - I didn't want to add any buildings in this map. Not a single one. It was really hard believe me.

    -I wanted the path that the payload takes to do a circular motion around the volcano. Something like Upward.

    - and finally I wanted the whole thing to take place on a jungle island.

    I think i did a pretty good job so far and I am looking forward to seeing how the map plays.

    20190730172233_1.jpg 20190730172242_1.jpg 20190730172300_1.jpg 20190730172308_1.jpg 20190730172327_1.jpg 20190730172334_1.jpg 20190730172346_1.jpg 20190730172350_1.jpg