pl_eruption B9a

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pl_eruption B9a

What I thought the Valve map for jungle Inferno would look like

Eruption is a payload jungle themed map. Eruption is what I originally thought mercenary park would look like and when that didn't come to pass I thought I could create it.
Eruption takes inspiration from films like "The Incredibles", "James Bond" and spy movies in general.

The idea and story of the map:
RED has been doing some research on how to weaponize magma in Santa Fuente Island, but what do they plan to use them for ?
Whatever it is, its not looking good.
BLU have discovered thanks to strange seismic activies that their main facilities lie inside the Volcanoe La Muerte and have planned a mission to stop RED at all Costs,
But RED were prepared thanks to their hidden surveilance and initiaded their defense plan.

Special thanks to:
- Jeddyk for making props and helping me with the detailing.
- RadarHead for making custom lava textures for the map.

Custom content:
(And props made by Jeddyk)
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. small clipping issue fix

    Fixed a clipping issue
  2. The map is fully detailed now! (kinda!)

    In this version: -----Point A----- ➤Added more cover -----Point B----- ➤Fully detailed the point. ➤Improved lighting ➤Made it possible to climb up to Blu's highground via a prop jump. ➤Added more signs to guide players to the right path...
  3. More fixes

    Fixed a few more stuff based on feedback.

Latest reviews

The environments, soundscapes, theme and gameplay melt together to make a really fun experience. It can only get better from here