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  1. nesman

    Rumford rc1

    There is a lot of lore behind this map. It is based off of a paper mill in nothern Maine in the town of Rumford. This is my entry into the Rule of Three's contest. Zeus: wood texture. Izotope: paper models & overlays. Bakscratch: doors. Void: slaughter assets. FGD5: trucks.
  2. I Darkstar X

    pl_water_reclamation A6

    <Theming to follow> 'Tis me again. This map was originally imagined as taking place underwater, but because Source does not allow underwater windows, that had to be canned. So instead, I have adjusted the underwater theme to a water reclamation facility one instead. The map is one of my...
  3. Salt and Fries

    Stack 2018-04-19

    CP STACK Created by Salt and Fries - This is my second map that I've made. - This Map is currently is development and I would love any feedback from anyone to how I can Improve this map. - The Concept of this map was to have consecutive points that were above one another, and so I threw them...
  4. chemelia

    Tug of War Payload - Ynders Edition V2

    A simple 3-point tug-o-war payload prefab. The entity setup is based on Icarus's, but is less complex, with only 3 points, a cap of 3 on the text display, and no dynamic push speed changes.
  5. Billo

    Medieval cp_Wiltonkeep RC2

    Medieval Mode Attack Devence 3 different points! Map Encludes Action,Water Falls,a cliff,more action,a castle and more! This is A Map For the upcoming Last Stand Community Made Update The Site Will Be Published Very Soon!