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Dig Site A3

Some things are best left buried!

  1. I Darkstar X
    It is I, much to everyone's chagrin.

    This map is partly born of the fact I want to make a democratic voting system within hammer because it sounds like it probably will not work, but I am going to try anyway, and maybe I'll get lucky like I did with my I/O Bosses and it will work.

    Speaking of which, this map will include a semi-I/O Boss, as one team will control it through the power of democracy. Eventually. Currently its just a KOTH, featuring semi-windy but short corridors to the central area. "Hill" is a bit of false advertising as the control pit is in a deep pit in the ground. King of the Pit, would be a more accurate title.

    Also I'll probably change the name at some point if it will let me.


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