pl_water_reclamation A6

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-The deathpit now spits you through a tunnel back into the water under B. I take no responsibility for Flushed Away puns.

-Red Spawn doors have been changed so they will not clip though the floor. Again.

-The collision on the fences has been fixed. Turns out they had been skipping work and playing with the ref-posing demobot behind the A building.

-Removed collision from the lights on the stairs. No more wall Pyro.

-The sign that says control point on the door that leads to B from last will vanish when B is captured. It'll probably go chill with the ref-posing demobot behind the A building.

-The last platform that drops the bomb into the nesting tube has had a roof put on it and water pipes that you cannot stand on place don it. It has large windows so it is not completely safe, but it is no longer as dangerous as it once was.

-Railings have been added to Last as well, because OSHA was breathing down my neck.

-Misc things related to the timing of the cart's sound effects when it drops off the edge, as well as an easter egg that becomes more easily findable when someone wins.
-Fixed the one-way door. I forgot the movement angles don't change when rotated.

-Added a Forward Spawn for Blu that activated when they capture the second point. IKEA was closed so there's no furniture inside it currently.

-Moved the first control point a bit further. Now very far, but hopefully enough to make a difference.

-Pushed Red spawn forward so it is hopefully less confusing which way goes to the stairs up and which one goes right next to the track.

-Tweaked some timers, doubtful it will be noticed.
-Fixed some lighting errors in the flanking route. Should be less dark.
-Added a flank route that goes over the deathpit and right to Red's balcony, via a one-way door like in Dustbowl stage 1. Part of this also caused the deathpit to be pushed back.

-Decreased the brightness of all lights in the gray building. Sunglasses are no longer required indoors.

-The directional signs in Red signs have been halved and moved to reflect the single exit that Red possesses. That's 50% less confusion.

-The stairs of the left exit that had previously been Red only have been opened up to everyone. The construction crew had fun knocking those walls down.

-Added a visual block to the other side of Blu spawn. Something something void should be obvious something.

-The first point now gives 30 more seconds, in case Red starts out stronger than previously anticipated.


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-Added an output to the logic_auto so, at the start of each individual round, the map automatically removes the surge protectors on all present and future engineers' buildings. What this all means is they can no longer build things underwater.

-Added walling to the corner of Red's balcony so they cannot be airblasted off as easily. Pyros will need to be more creative if they want their environmental kills.

-Red's respawn times have been reduced by 2 seconds for the last point. That does not seem like a lot on paper, but it is more than you would think.

-Fixed the cart rolling back more than it should just after the second point. Somehow, no one noticed this in testing.

-Added a medium health pickup to the gray building by the stairs. That soldier frantically running around spamming E can sleep better knowing his pleas for help have been answered.

-Reduced a lot of the water crates hiding the large ammo pickup. The construction crew drank it all because their cooler broke.

-Removed one of the doors out of Red spawn. Honestly, I was spoiling y'all with choice, and it absolutely had nothing to do with it poking through the floor.

-The second point has been moved up and forward to make it more significant of an attainment. You can thank me for your dopamine hits later.

-Squished the final point's S so it's less dumb but still a bit of a time draw, since once the cart is on the ramp Red will struggle to stop it anyway.

-Capturing the first point now gives less time. May revert it if people notice.

-Red respawns on point capture. You can rest when you're dead, Red. Unless Blu captures a point.

-Nothing at all easter-egg related. I mean it, honest!
-Added second high-exit from RED spawn, with ground-access for BLU countering. Vertigo not included.

-Added a visual barrier to the left of BLU spawn. In case the void did not make it clear that you're not supposed to go that way.

-Capping the first point now gives much less time. This should hopefully rebalance its relative closeness. May need tweaking.

-The final area's roof has been raised. Literally, though maybe the construction crews were playing music while they worked, who knows?

-Added an ammo pickup near the crashed pickup truck because that engie shooting the button made me laugh.

-Adjusted some lighting. Begrudgingly.


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understandable, have a nice day