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  1. Markus_McCloud

    72hr Jam 2023 Panhandle 72hr Version

    It's a beautiful morning in a remote part of the Oklahoma Panhandle... The sun is shining, the birds are singing... and the mercs are already blowing each other up at 8:30 in the goddamn morning. Typical... CP-Panhandle is my attempt of making a more-serious "Cloak" style 1CP map with a focus...
  2. I Darkstar X

    Democracy Test A3

    I don't know what's up with the bloom I'm sorry in advance. GENTLEMEN! Behold, DEMOCRACY! Indeed, this map was created for one purpose and one purpose only: To prove that you can, entirely with hammer IO, institute a voting system within Team Fortress 2, AND that it can alter the map! The...
  3. This Guy.

    Training Exercise for bots 2 v1

    Now with a bridge! Here's another cp map for bots, this time, smaller. it contains a sniper spot, a bunch of buildings and the water is actually used as an obstacle instead of just... being there. There is no custom navigation file. nav_generate fully works, without several bugs. Bugs I could...
  4. This Guy.

    Training Map V2

    This map is not meant to be taken very seriously! It is mostly used for training purposes. Bots is a cp map that allocates the use of bots as its main gimmick. It involves open space, a couple health and ammo pack... Y'know, the normal stuff! Bots may not fully work due to some navigation...
  5. I Darkstar X

    pl_water_reclamation A6

    <Theming to follow> 'Tis me again. This map was originally imagined as taking place underwater, but because Source does not allow underwater windows, that had to be canned. So instead, I have adjusted the underwater theme to a water reclamation facility one instead. The map is one of my...
  6. I Darkstar X

    KOTH Warm Evening A1

    A relatively small map, meant to serve as a self-trainer to combat my issue of overscaling. It is not anything very fancy, minus the spells which I have always liked for their gameplay capacity. No pumpkin bombs, though, as I could not get them to function properly, and the map's size makes them...
  7. I Darkstar X

    cp_railgun A4

    The latest of my I/O Boss battle creations, enter the Rail-Gun! With magnetic treads (Mainly because having circular wheels used too many triangles) and a compliment of devastating cannons and miniguns, this hunk of iron is not to be trifled with! But fret not! You can kill him! Railgun has 5...