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PL_Firebase_Factory B3

A Payload map where you will push a bomb into a mechanized Firebase Factory.

This map, pl_firebase_factory, is probably one of the favorites I've made thus far. It is also my first attempt at using a 3D skybox and customized fog effects.


It is a misty morning at Firebase Factory. But the sky is as dark as ever, the accursed Shroud stealing away the blue of the sky and the twinkling twilight stars. But no matter, such aesthetics are pointless anyway. The only thing that matters is the Firebase Factory.


pl_firebase_factory is a largish map consisting of a central open path with tight corridors along the sides until the primary factory floor, also known as the "finale area" for no specific reason, especially not because of thematic flair added to a successful BLU team win....


Anyway, the map is extremely dynamic, and as BLU progresses, walls that were once though to be solid will open up or explode to revel entirely new areas. Side routes are very common, but chokepoints still exist, such as the entrance to the "finale area".

There are a few highly notable areas, such as the airlock pairs leading to the very first capture point. Each contains a full kit of ammo or health, making them extremely strong resupply areas, but as they are a bit off the beaten path, and require the airlocks themselves to filter the air, it could just be better to make due with that medic or level 1 dispenser.

The second notable area is in the "finale area". The walkways can be shot through. bullets, rockets, energy pulses, etc., all can pass through them. This is to prevent them form being too powerful, as you'd be surprised how rare it is for people to look up in an FPS.

Lastly, is the final doors, and this is IMPORTANT. EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS: The cart will stop and wait for both doors to open, but due to hammer limitations, it will not continue along the path unless you stop pushing it and then start pushing it again. I tried to dodge this by having a physexplosion go off that pushes everyone away, but it doesn't do anything at all, annoyingly. So if anyone has a suggestion to fix this issue, I'm all ears.
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Latest updates

  1. Lots o Little Stuff

    -Drastically reduced setup time -changed how the airlocks work -Removed some confusing rail tracks. (Should be more obvious with a bit of logical thinking to identify where the cart will go.) -Increased maximum possible round time -Spawn timers...
  2. More Pipes

    -Added pipes to the 2 and-a 1/2 areas that didn't have pipes. Now as for the skybox.... I have no idea how to even begin texturing that, and for fear of it looking utterly stupid, I'm not going to try with out suggestions and/or help.
  3. Piping Update (STAGE I)

    -Added pipes. -Seriously that's it. -Just pipes. -Everywhere. >tfw pipes