PL_Firebase_Factory B3

A Payload map where you will push a bomb into a mechanized Firebase Factory.

  1. Lots o Little Stuff

    I Darkstar X
    -Drastically reduced setup time
    -changed how the airlocks work
    -Removed some confusing rail tracks. (Should be more obvious with a bit of logical thinking to identify where the cart will go.)
    -Increased maximum possible round time
    -Spawn timers have been adjusted and change slightly as points are capped.
    -Changed some props near RED spawn
    -No more one-way spawn doors or conveyers!
    -Fixed bug with non-animated resupply lockers
    -No more earrape
    -Secret things owo

  2. More Pipes

    I Darkstar X
    -Added pipes to the 2 and-a 1/2 areas that didn't have pipes.

    Now as for the skybox....

    I have no idea how to even begin texturing that, and for fear of it looking utterly stupid, I'm not going to try with out suggestions and/or help.


    1. 20180530095358_1.jpg
    2. 20180530095408_1.jpg
    3. 20180530095421_1.jpg
  3. Piping Update (STAGE I)

    I Darkstar X
    -Added pipes.
    -Seriously that's it.
    -Just pipes.

    >tfw pipes