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-Drastically reduced setup time
-changed how the airlocks work
-Removed some confusing rail tracks. (Should be more obvious with a bit of logical thinking to identify where the cart will go.)
-Increased maximum possible round time
-Spawn timers have been adjusted and change slightly as points are capped.
-Changed some props near RED spawn
-No more one-way spawn doors or conveyers!
-Fixed bug with non-animated resupply lockers
-No more earrape
-Secret things owo

-THE LAST DOOR IS STILL BROKEN. I just can't get it to work right. You will still need to stop pushing then start again to make it move.

-Also screw cubemaps. If I have to cry in a corner anymore over it my carpet will be permanently damaged due to the salinity. (use mat_specular 0 to disable the checkerboard reflections.)
-Added pipes to the 2 and-a 1/2 areas that didn't have pipes.

Now as for the skybox....

I have no idea how to even begin texturing that, and for fear of it looking utterly stupid, I'm not going to try with out suggestions and/or help.


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-Added pipes.
-Seriously that's it.
-Just pipes.

>tfw pipes