Payload Race Single Stage Fixed Prefab V1

A working prefab based on ABS's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack

  1. DrLambda
    ZIP file contains one VMF with a working prefab for single-stage Payload Race, based on ABS's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack's version, as the resource pack hasn't been updated lately and the single-staged PLR prefab is buggy.

    It fixes the following problems:
    1. Adds a team_control_point round entity and changed the playerspawns accordingly.
    2. Changes the setup timer to 5 seconds, silent countdown to be in line with the Hightower setup.

    If you use the version from ABS's pack, there will be bugs that manifest in many ways, per example HUD errors and especially BLU team being unable to block the RED cart.

    It took me quite a while to figure out what i had to do to get it working, so here, have this so you don't have to figure it out.

    There are two custom visgroups inside the VMF. With the "Sky/Walls/Light" visgroup, you can either make sky, walls and light invisible or visible if you want to run a test compile. The second group, "Readme", just hides the the Readme Notes.
    I left everything unchanged except for the two fixes above, so the prefab still includes an example rollback zone and an example junction.