Ascendant A4

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Ascendant A4

The sky is the limit

Ascendant - The map formerly known as Brushpush

Might be the best map i ever made. Who knows? Let's find it out. It sure is the biggest map i ever made.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Switcharoo!

    Changelog Switched the position of BLU forward spawn to other side of the wall Moved a few elements around for that spawn to work Redesigned last again Redesigned connectors to last Added a few missing clips Experimentation with mayann...
  2. Meet the Ascendant

    Changelog Clipped a lot Moved a resupply at BLU spawn a bit further away from spawn exit Changed right BLU spawn exit to not give defenders such a big sightline into spawn Resized right flank building at BLU spawn Readded rollback zone to last...
  3. Hotfix

    Changelog Removed rollback zone for now Raised a building to show that you can't get on top of it