Hierarch RC2b

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Hierarch RC2b

Made by DrLambda

Single Stage PLR map. Kinda heavily inspired by Hightower, hopefully lending itself to casual fragging while not being as impossible to cap as HIghtower is.

Main focus point is the bridge in the mid where both teams start on opposing sides and try to get the cart over it. Still has quite a bit of "low-ground"-gameplay inside the buildings and before the capture zone.

Hierarch has come a long way since A1 - At this point, i consider this project to be done unless something breaks.
First release
Last update
Payload Race

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Latest updates

  1. Grass Patches

    Changelog Repacked missing grass patch texture I'll probably release a RC3 with a few graphical reworks in the future. Stay tuned.
  2. Oops

    Changelog Actually compiled with Tool brushes (Clips etc) Changed a few clips to blockbullets2 where it made sense
  3. Cleaning up

    Changelog Fixed multiple building-in-spawn exploits Fixed some misaligned textures Fixed visible nodraw on skywalk Fixed and clipped blinds in BLU spawn Additional clipping (Thanks @Crowbar) Added soundscapes Beautified mid lower building Added...

Latest reviews

I like the map’s geometry and it feels quite balanced but it does feel like whoever stacks pyros/demos/soldiers on the bridge first rolls through easy.

Apart from that, its amazing
one of the best plr maps ever made! lends itself to all classes, for tryharding or for messing around. 10/10
Potato, it's Potato grade.
Fun map, lots of height