Hierarch RC2b

Made by DrLambda

  1. DrLambda
    Single Stage PLR map. Kinda heavily inspired by Hightower, hopefully lending itself to casual fragging while not being as impossible to cap as HIghtower is.

    Main focus point is the bridge in the mid where both teams start on opposing sides and try to get the cart over it. Still has quite a bit of "low-ground"-gameplay inside the buildings and before the capture zone.

    Hierarch has come a long way since A1 - At this point, i consider this project to be done unless something breaks.


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Recent Updates

  1. Grass Patches
  2. Oops
  3. Cleaning up

Recent Reviews

  1. eljest
    Version: RC2b
    one of the best plr maps ever made! lends itself to all classes, for tryharding or for messing around. 10/10
  2. PortalStorm4000
    Version: RC2a
    Potato, it's Potato grade.
  3. Anonymous
    Version: B3a
    Fun map, lots of height