Epicenter B2

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Epicenter B2

I lied. It was an Epicenter remake all along.

Beta 1 is out now. It was a lot of work, but i hope you like it. Will submit it to gamedays etc in the next days and think about what to do next.

@Crowbar for stripless metal textures
@Void for stencil overlays
@Shmitz for Intel Point Base
Evil knevil & NassimO for Delivery Van

Old text:

yesterday we talked about old tfc maps and gamemodes, and while talking about it, i got interested in creating a remake of Epicenter. So i got myself the source file of the old Epicenter, checked distances etc and blocked out an alpha for a TF2 version.

I know there is a TF2 version already, but it pretty much is a simple port rather than a remake, so it's not optimized for TF2 gameplay, which i try to do with this map.

This map is highly experimental. It might not work out at all. I'm willing to do like 3 or 4 alphas before i decide if it is worth it to go further down the road.

The gamemode is a variation of CTF. It's not exactly Invade CTF as in push, but everyone has it's own flag and tries to get it to the respective APC on the other side of the map. The flag originally starts in the spawn, but because of limitations of the CTF gamemode in TF2, the spawn has been cut into two rooms, one with resupply lockers and respawn room logic, and the other with the flag. It's still impossible for the other team to get to where the flag spawns.

For now, i pretty much only blocked out the map, changed a few dimensions, changed the ladders in the original into ramps as much as possible, and added some additional cover or walls where i felt it was necessary, mostly to stop someone with a Base Jumper and a Stickybomb Launcher to cap within two jumps. If i see that it is still to easy to explosive jump your way in there, i will take additional steps.

Also, like on the original, the bottom route is really flat. I might change that in the future - Especially the cap zone seems ripe for change if capping becomes too easy.

Enough talk, let's kill each other. Virtually.
First release
Last update
Invade CTF

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