1. Sonoma

    Sono's Pickup-CTF Prefab v1.1

    This is a prefab for my "Pickup CTF" mode, the goal of this mode is to provide a more cohesive gameplay experience for CTF where all members of the each team are working towards the same goal, making it far more competitive. This is a 1 sided CTF mode where the goal is to outscore the enemy...
  2. Diva Dan

    Zombie Infection (VScript Gamemode) V1

    A Community Game Mode Created by: Harry "Harry" Colquhoun Liam "Diva Dan" Moffitt Hello! Here you will find all of the content necessary for creating a map for "Zombie Infection", a community-created game mode officially featured in Scream Fortress 2023. Included is an example map...
  3. Tumby

    Tumby Pickup Prefabs 1.0

    A small collection of very simple prefabs for quickly placing health kits and ammo packs. Each prefab includes a patch texture underneath the pickup, made with a non-solid displacement. Don't worry, it won't z-fight or cause any issues! The patch is also sized accordingly to the size of the...
  4. Ponds34

    Brushwork Dish 2023-12-25

    The brushwork dish that I made for my map arena_combine, I dont know why people wanted it so much I made this in like 30 minute, but hey I need to satisfy the hammer editor mob.
  5. Sonoma

    Sono's 2KOTH Prefab v3a

    My take on the 2-KOTH game mode, you must capture and hold both control points for 1:30 minutes to win the game. ================================================================= Notes: Your team's timer only starts counting down if you own both control points, to stop the enemy's clock you...
  6. Ponds34

    Cargoship 2023-10-15

    Just a brushwork Cargo Ship for your mapping needs. The red texture on the cargo ship should be replaced with the blue texture on the blue side of the map.
  7. PureAdvantageCamel

    Symmetrical Gravel Pit Prefab (v2) v2

    ok so yall know gravel pit? so yknow 3cp? its like a mash of both! all you gotta do to use this is: download the vmf copy/paste it into ur map change the TODO's on the point names to what they are place the points and capture triggers in the appropriate locations make sure nothing else...
  8. Ponds34

    Random Sound Player 2023-10-08

    A prefab for mappers to play sounds in their map. It works by having a logic_timer give an input to a logic_case to play a random sound. If 16 sounds are too many for you then just delete as many sounds as you want and get rid of the case associated with the sound in the logic_case. For use when...
  9. Dr.Maxi

    Air tube test a1

    iTryed to imetait the air pipes from Portal
  10. SpookyToad

    72hr Jam 2023 A setup of parent-able move_rope 2023-09-18

    Allows you to parent move_rope without consequences
  11. Ponds34

    Sprinkle Prefabs for mappers 5 Sprinkles (Going to add more)

    5 sprinkles are in the zip: Badlands Pile (The standard pile for any map. Crates, barrels, pallets, etc.) Medieval Pile (Pile preset for medieval maps. Hay, anvils, targets, etc.) Spawnroom Pile (Pile preset for typical spawnrooms. Bandages, Posterboards, Beer Bottles, shelfs, etc.) Red/Blue...
  12. PureAdvantageCamel

    hot potato ctf prefab a1

    oof a description. so the trigger_hurt and the func_flagdetectionzone go over the whole map. the ctf flags and flag capture zones are set up normally. the timer can be set to whatever, but make it short. DESCRIPTION OF MODE so its ctf but every 20 seconds the guys holdin either flag die...
  13. dabmasterars

    King of the Hill with an airstrike (gamemode prefab) V5

    BASICS This King of the Hill gamemode variation has a secondary point. The point can be captured after the main point by the losing team. Capturing this point launches the airstrike: both main and secondary points are locked and reset, the doors slowly close and an airstrike happens, killing...
  14. PureAdvantageCamel

    ck_ Prefab v1 v1

    After seeing this mode's existence on the Katsu list, i decided to remake it since nobody has used it in years. CREDIT TO DRLAMBDA FOR ORIGINAL IDEA. Also DO NOT remove the "zz" I/O, it might say its broken but its not. BASIC OVERVIEW Its 3cp but the middle is a KOTH point! if the 3 minutes...
  15. AsG_Alligator

    Space Doors v1

    A set of doors and doorframes fit for the asteroid/space theme. There are 4 sizes of doors to pick from: 96, 128, 196 and 340hu wide. Each size has 2 variants that either open horizontally or vertically. Each door has 3 skins - red, blue and yellow (setup). The pack also contains prefabs...
  16. Tiftid

    Gravelpit-style Shack Instance Kit V2

    These gravelpit shacks have been a perfect gameplay prop for me for the past 2 years. With a height of 256 and a sloped roof, they're something I can place next to a 128-tall surface with a guarantee that it'll act both as cover and something the players can crouch-jump onto. Plus, the shack...
  17. PureAdvantageCamel

    htf prefab (hold the flag) [ARCHIVE] a1

    HOW TO USE: place the logic outside the map. place the flag in a center position on the map. GAMEPLAY USE: this mode consists of a neutral flag in the center of the map, and each team must hold the flag for 90 total seconds. make sure to place a func_flag_alert (and also set an output to drop...
  18. gidi30

    Player Destruction Race prefab V1

    a modified version of the player destruction payload hybrid gamemode i made for my microcontest 24 map GAMEMODE DESCRIPTION kill enemies to get player destruction pickups deposit up to 3 pickups in the cart at once after 4 seconds since the last deposit the points will drain at 1 point per...
  19. F

    More Modular Tracks v5

    This is a pack of track prefabs because I was always having trouble lining up tracks. Some notes: These tracks are designed to fit together just about perfectly at 16hu grid size, since some models go a bit shorter or longer than the length the models claim to be, So i'd advise using the skip...
  20. Tiftid _v1

    You don't need to credit me if you use prefab_tfconnect_tree.vmf, pl_point003.vmf, pl_point006.vmf, pl_point009b.vmf, tfconnect_tree_red.vmf or tfconnect_tree_blu.vmf, but you do if you use any of the other VMFs. The reason why the spikyhats logic prefab might be interesting to you despite the...