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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    Hold all locational objectives prefab 4/6/2022

    The Hold all locational objectives game mode has neutral 6 points, 2 of them are home bases that have a slightly higher cap time, you must bring your teams flag to each point to enable them for capping, The team that controls all 6 points wins the game. This gamemode requires you to download...
  2. Sonoma

    74x140x178 Staircase v74

    For when u need a 74x140 stair that has good ratoes i think
  3. Aapelikaeki

    Cakey's Alpha Stairs Prefab V1

    Stairs! They help make your alpha maps look good, and by having consistent ratios and sizes you're doing your future self a favor! Or you would be, were you not so lazy as to just slap a hastily made ramps around your map. Fear not, this staircase prefab is here to help. Featuring 16, 32, 48...
  4. Cyberen

    Majority Prefab Control Points 2022-02-18

    For those who want a CP-domination map like Standin that isn't all-or-nothing, this barebones prefab is for you! This is for crazy maps where players might not reach or capture all the points in time. To expand this to a 5cp or 7cp map, copy the points and increase the logic_compare value from...
  5. youporkchop5

    Drones 2022-02-10

    These are a set of two RED and BLU aligned drones. They're very simple and easy to alter. Use them if you're feeling spicy with anti-spawncamp tactics, or as enemies in adventure type maps!
  6. Le Codex

    Zombie Defense Prefab V2

    This is the prefab used to make the map Sarex and I submitted for the 20th Microcontest. The gamemode is basically asymmetric Arena (only RED team has one life), combined with A/D (BLU team are zombies who only have access to melee that can win by capping one of two points). Troubleshooting and...
  7. Skylark

    Campaign Gamemode Prefab V1

    Campaign Gamemode The goal of campaign mode is similar to TC, taking over the map non-linearly. What is different is that CM has 1 round to capture the final point or hold the most points by the end of the time (no overtime, no time is added on cap). The main gimmick of this gamemode is that...
  8. Stack Man

    PLR Cart Elevator Prefab a3

    A cleaned up and ready-to-copy cart elevator as seen on plr_hightower. Also includes a mid-track elevator. Notes: The prefab is set up to allow a team_train_watcher to handle rollfoward and rollback zones using only flags, so no manual outputs are needed. As a result, there are two...
  9. Le Codex

    Best of 5 Prefab V2

    Ever wanted to make Multistage Arena? Then this prefab got you covered. Best of 5 is a recreation of Arena with a multistage aspect. The teams will start on a random stage and then rotate after one team wins. First team to reach 3 points win the game. Instructions: Place all the logic at the...
  10. Le Codex

    Kill Confirmed Prefab V1

    This is a recreation of the Kill Confirmed gamemode from multiple games into TF2. This uses PD as a base for point scoring. The rules are simple: Players drop cores on death. If a player of the enemy team gets it, they score a point. If a player of the same team gets it, it gets denied...
  11. Le Codex

    Freeze Tag Prefab V5

    This is the prefab I made when remaking the Freeze Tag gamemode into TF2. It is based around the Arena gamemode. Enjoy using it for your projects. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND FAQ THROUGH AND THROUGH TO ENSURE THAT THE LOGIC WILL WORK Instructions: - USE THE SPAWNPOINTS IN THE PREFAB, BUT...
  12. leezo

    A/D PASS Time + Control Points Prefab Version 1

    Ever wondered what if you were to mash A/D CTF & PASS Time together? Well, the answer to that is right infront of you! This prefab is A/D PASS Time, but with inspiration from A/D CTF, giving Blu the JACK and requiring them to score into a goal in order to be able to capture the control point...
  13. Fault in Maps

    Special Delivery - Elevator (No Rocket) Gamemode Prefab 2021-08-17

    As great as the ABS prefabs are, I felt the Special Delivery prefab was lacking. I feel SD_Doomsday works well because it mixes CP and CTF by forcing the flag carrier to hold a point for some time. ABS doesn't have this 'hold,' instead giving the player a free win on cap. Great for Invade CTF...
  14. Ismaciodismorphus

    Horseless Headless Horsemann Prefab 7/2/2021

    This contains a vmf for a prefab of the horseless headless horsemann with notes on the entities telling you what they do.
  15. Shardz6

    Prefab issues

    I think I accidentally deleted the prefab menu from the objects toolbar on the right side of the screen. Before that the prefab menu was working fine, but I couldn't paste in prefabs. Please help.
  16. Fluury

    Additional PASS Time Logic Prefab v1

    This Prefab contains all the crackhead logic used for the PASS Time changes made in Smalltime. Goal of these changes is to improve PASS Time in pubs, make it less frustrating for players and to add a bunch of quality of life changes. You can read more about the thought process and why all of...
  17. Aulli

    Infinite Train Prefab v1

    Infinite train prefab with randomized cars, and another that alternates sending a health car and an ammo car, with lights to indicate when the next one is coming. Both prefabs also include logic to make sure that it doesn't send too many blocking cars in a row, or too many passable cars in a...
  18. Sunrise Everymaker

    Minecraft CastleTower v1

    This is prefab in minecraft of the castle tower.
  19. SnickerPuffs

    Pipeball Prefab v2

    Pipeball is a custom gamemode created by @The Asylum back in 2010. Around June of last year, I got the idea to make my own map using this custom gamemode, so I reached out to the creator. Against all odds, he responded and provided a copy of the original VMF! Nearly one year later, and while I...
  20. Fault in Maps

    SS Payload Race: ABS + Cart Explode [PREFAB]

    This is a variation of the Single-stage PLR logic prefabs by ABS, but when the carts reach the final checkpoint they explode like in the traditional payload prefab! Hopefully this saves someone the trouble of having to do their own logic. I wanted to include multi-stage PLR, but I am having a...