mvm_fiori b2 x2

MvM gone Italy.

  1. zahndah
    My entry to the mapper vs. machine contest (probably) - A Collaboration with Dasnvi.

    included in download is the bsp, nav file and a pop. file.

    Don't expect it to be good.

    Thanks to the following for having good custom content up for use:
    Powerup water - Tumbolisu
    Santorini pack - Bakscratch
    Frontline! 1.1 pack - Frontline team (will probably go more in-depth with this in the future)
    Vineyard ivy - Dr.Spud
    Overgrown asset pack - PEAR

    screens: mvm_fiori_b20000.jpg mvm_fiori_b20001.jpg mvm_fiori_b20002.jpg mvm_fiori_b20003.jpg mvm_fiori_b20004.jpg mvm_fiori_b20005.jpg mvm_fiori_b20007.jpg

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