Blimp Blitz A2

Blow the Blimps to Bits

  1. zahndah
    A steel-type control points map made for the Back to Basics contest.

    Blu don't like how Red are stealing their patented Blimp design! That's illegal! Blu are planning a covert mission, invading Red's blimp hangar to seize the blimp for themselves. Whether or not they are successful is another issue...


    1. cp_blimp_blitz_a20000.jpg
    2. cp_blimp_blitz_a20001.jpg
    3. cp_blimp_blitz_a20002.jpg
    4. cp_blimp_blitz_a20003.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Still blimpin'
  2. r.i.p blimps
  3. pls dont crash