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Blimp Blitz A2

Blow the Blimps to Bits

A steel-type control points map made for the Back to Basics contest.

Blu don't like how Red are stealing their patented Blimp design! That's illegal! Blu are planning a covert mission, invading Red's blimp hangar to seize the blimp for themselves. Whether or not they are successful is another issue...
First release
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Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. Still blimpin'

    You know, i only wanted to make this map to make people jump out of a balloon.
  2. r.i.p blimps

    the blimps no longer fly, hopefully this was what made it crash, and with them removed the map will be playable. -no more func_tracktrain blimps.
  3. pls dont crash

    Redid spawn logic for the blimp, hoping that the map will not crash on servers anymore. I cant recreate the crash by myself so dont know if it is or isnt fixed but this is my best shot.