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  1. Blitz-O

    [MvM Popfile] Coaltown - Xenolith V1

    To be straight-forward with this: I made this because I'm currently working on replacing all vanilla missions with my own custom ones. This is one of the Intermediate missions I've gotten around to finish for Coaltown, my goal is to achieve or get a similar vibe to Valve's difficulty and robot...
  2. Endermage77

    A List of Mann Vs. Machine Resources

    These are the resources I consult regularly when making MVM maps, and a few things extra. Maybe they'll help someone else out too. Map Creation MVM Map Creation — By gettysburg and Mince Popfile Design Custom MVM Missions: A Guide on How to Create Them — By Sntr, Jakapoa, Big Shot!, and...
  3. phoenixwhitefire2000

    MvM bot spawning help

    I've recently been playing a lot of MvM, and wanted to try and make my own map. I started making a basic map, following a tutorial and afterwards I compiled my map and opened it in the game, but then I noticed something wrong. The bots didn't spawn. I have a .pop file and the HUD shows the...
  4. Business_Vader

    Redcorp b3

    Red team constructs an office building, which is totally not a front for secret and highly illegal activity to make sure that Gray mann's source of money never reaches his pockets. However, with the building found out, so to does Gray construct an office building, which is also totally not a...
  5. Ismaciodismorphus

    Ismac mc20 a2

    its mvm map for microcontest 20
  6. Jurrell

    Rogue a1

    Rogue - A very scuffed attempt at combining CP and MVM. Made for the 72 hr jam. The concept for this submission was originally much larger, having several areas with differing objectives. It had to be massively downscaled into a single area with a single wave for time.
  7. Ultimaximus

    [MvM] Hanami - Steel Magnolia (Advanced) v1.01

    I spent about a day and a half on this Advanced mission, with help from my friend Tindall Berry. Ultimaximus (me) Tindall Berry (also she's the map author)
  8. StarStrider

    Time to pitch in and MANN UP! 2021-12-20

    Recently been really into MvM and old propaganda-type posters so I wanted to combine the 2! Busted out the old photoshop and stared at a blank screen until something happened and here it is! Really proud of how this came out after a bunch of second-guessing and asking for opinions. Profile...
  9. Alox

    Coaltown - Mecha Terror - Expert 2021-12-19

    A expert mission that i made for the 72hr Jam. I didnt had time to test it with a team of 6 players so the mission maybe suffer from a balance problem.
  10. gonk-gaming

    MVM overun (poster) 2021-12-19

    This is my first creation with SFM and it was alot of fun. This poster shows red team being overun en being killed by the robots from MVM, except the scout you can see infront having a staredown with the demo-bot. This took 3-4 hours mainly because i came into SFM with no knowledge of SFM or any...
  11. PDA Expert

    Jammed Robotics Tour v1.1

    Jammed Robotics is a small mvm tour consisting of two missions on two different maps. Missions : Snow Time, on Shiver Peak Ice Shock, on Cyberia Credits : Sntr for making Shiver Peak! dexc34,Waugh101 and Peepo for making Cyberia! Various Icon Creators for their icons used in these missions...
  12. Ismaciodismorphus

    72Victora a3

    A medieval mvm map where the DEFENDERS spawn at the top of the hill with robots coming in from below
  13. Tommy the Rabbit

    Admiring a Trophy 2021-12-18

    "To bot or not to bot- wait, what's the question?" Wasn't too sure on what to make that was exclusively TF2-themed so I did something that combined a character of mine with TF2! I personally love MVM and I also love killing robots! So I decided to draw Tommy (in some of my TF2 loadout)...
  14. Ismaciodismorphus

    Grungle a3

    Fight robots in the grungel in this very small mvm map, Experience the fun of yellow fever while having your insides ground to mush.
  15. HelloThere

    mvm_koth_maple_ridge_event B1

    Another conversion to the pile! This time, mvm_koth_maple_ridge_event, a very small and crammed map where you will have to make extensive use of airblasts and other knockback effects to prevent the bots from deploying the bomb! As always, giants, engies, snipers and others all work with this...
  16. KrazyZark

    Tank drill V2

    Comes with an example vmf and bsp 4 skins for 2 for default and 2 for final 3 animations 6 custom sounds
  17. HelloThere

    mvm_koth_brazil B1

    I return with another conversion! This time, mvm_koth_brazil, composed of thin hallways leading into an open central area with a large pit next to the hatch! Nothing really special with this conversion, aside from it being the first one to use the pakfile resource embed system, since I finally...
  18. HelloThere

    mvm_koth_nucleus B2

    I have returned with another conversion! A pretty average one this time, mvm_koth_nucleus, with a big focus on closed spaces and a big pit to throw robots into! Due to nav mesh shenanigans, the hatch has been moved from the central point into the middle closed battlements area. This makes both...
  19. HelloThere

    mvm_koth_ghost_fort B3

    Surprise! Here is a one week late Halloween special map! Quite late I know, but at least it's still kinda in time for the Scream Fortress event. I do hope the effort I put into this map can make up for its unclimactic arrival, for this is quite the special conversion! For this conversion, all...
  20. HelloThere

    mvm_koth_king B1

    My horrible internet connection is preventing me from enjoying this year's Scream Fortress event so I have decided to punish the whole world for it by releasing another MVM conversion! This time, from koth_king, the intense, crammed KOTH map we all hate/love. As always, giants, engies, snipers...