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  1. Jacov

    Bomb deployment siren in MvM

    Hi. On other MvM maps, when bomb carriers nearing the bomb hatch, the siren plays repeatedly. I don't have this in my map, and I'm not sure how to do it properly. I decompiled a bunch of maps and still can't find anything related to this. Is this just an ambient_generic? Can someone please help?
  2. Jacov

    Arkwright a3

  3. Fillmore

    MVM Saxford

    Using the OP to put up some info for those mission making lads so they don't have to figure this shit out by themselves
  4. Fillmore

    Saxford B5A

    The Robot invasion takes a scenic route away from the vague backwaters of the US of A, toward the European backwaters of Mannington Brews, one of numerous subsidiaries Mann Co. is known for. With its wicked brew of tea described by locals as "something I'd pour in my car", we've hit the ground...
  5. zythe_

    Crossing Guard a1

    3 section mvm map where each area is meant to be defendable, well see if it works out like that lol only 3 possible pathways for bots and 2 tank paths.
  6. rafradek

    VScript MvM Sticky tank template 2022-12-29

    Sticky tank template for use in MvM game mode, originally made by hellmet Unpack contents to tf directory Includes custom sticky tank icon and FRONTLINE! tank turret from Requires to be previously installed...
  7. rafradek

    VScript Popfile Extensions V3

    VScript-Popfile-Extensions VScript extensions for use inside population files Should make embedding VScripts into population files easier Provides OnSpawn, OnDeath, OnTakeDamage, OnTakeDamagePost, OnDealDamage, OnDealDamagePost hooks to spawned bots with specified Tags Provides OnSpawn...
  8. AllInTw0

    Unknown(Unnamed) a8

    My first ever mvm map. Hope you like it! :D
  9. Eve

    Humburg b1 popfix

    Humburg is an MvM map in which you must defend your festive celebration, as bots attempt to light up your TFConnect™ Smissmas tree with tank mounted flamethrowers and gas cans. Made for the TFConnect contest. Eve - Layout, Logic, Popfile, single function vscript file that makes a pickup play...
  10. SnickerPuffs

    I'm remaking Hydro as an MvM map, and I need help/feedback

    An idea came to me a couple days ago-- Convert Hydro into a Mannhatten-styled Mann vs. Machine map. It stuck with me, and I really want to do it, but it's admittedly a terrible idea. MvM and TC come from entirely different eras of TF2's development, and have different goals and philosophies for...
  11. ♓Seelpit♓

    Colorable Robot Holograms 1

    Have you ever been messing around with those cool holograms on MvM maps, when you notice that they always have that blue hue on them? Don't you ever wish you could make them a proper purple, or grey, or white? I'll assume your answer is yes, in which case, you should indeed download this! The...
  12. KaPPY

    Combining CTF and CP

    Hello! I want to make a template map from which I can pull elements to create an MvM-like game mode for multiplayer play using CTF and CP elements. So far I made one flag for one team with special delivery preset using Boojum Snark Ultimate Mapping Resource pack. So my question is, how would I...
  13. Ismaciodismorphus

    Oilgrave (mvm_zythe72hr_b4) b4

    Post 72hr version of It might be expert i dunno
  14. zythe_

    zythe72hr b4

    originally created for the 72hr jam 2022: info for pop file writers coming soon! in the meantime, if you want to write a pop file or this map please dm me on discord zythe_#0666 and i will send you all the details. stock missions included...
  15. Hyperion

    Garrison a1

    An original multipath MvM map where mobility is needed more than ever before! This is actually just the half of the map, there will be 4 different paths eventually, 72hrs was not enough to add them all. - The included mission is probably trash, I wrote it in an hour.
  16. ☦OberMetroid☦

    strange suitcase 1

    Странный чемодан не даёт себя в руки этим металлическим тварям. Кто знает, какой здесь заложен тайный смысл?
  17. Ismaciodismorphus

    Karnak Contusion (mission for mvm_zythe72hr_b3) b3

    Blast Soldier Supremacy
  18. Zimennik

    Teufort Survivors 1.0

    Standalone game inspired by Vampire Survivors Let me introduce you to our game: Teufort Survivors! The goal of the game is to survive for 11 minutes while hordes of robots are running at you. Robots drop money for which you can buy or upgrade weapons. The game is made for Windows OS. We can...
  19. Fromgaypotam

    Battle Engie robot 2022-07-25

    A robot with gibus, Frontier Justice and minisentry! What could be more beautiful?
  20. Startacker!

    Soft Reset [mvm_zythe72hr Mission] V1A

    Advanced difficulty, low money amount per wave, 8 waves.