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  1. raspberry

    Crossroad a1

    An MVM map designed to be chokey and small. Only 1 path for the robots to take each round. More of a challenge map than anything. Made for fun and detailing practice and has not been playtested, so not sure how it plays.. Right spawn: spawnbot Left spawn: spawnbot_alt Left spawn/left path...
  2. The Ottoboy

    How to make a GOOD MVM map?

    guys,gals and non binary pals. how do i make a good mvm map? what are the criterias of a good mvm map? İ've never tried making a MVM map and i want to listen to anyone who is exprerienced with MVM maps and i would love to get advice
  3. guan guan ghoo

    MVM Mannworks: Boss-Fight False Canadian God Imperator 1.0

    Someone from Canada claims to be its Emperor and also a God, the worst part he brought with him an army, most of only melee, but its still bad enought. Kill him before the facility gets it.
  4. Aoi

    [SOLVED] MvM Population File Errors

    Hi. I've been trying to make my first pop file, and I've run into a few errors. It's for mvm_decoy. When I try to play it no robots spawn, other than the few support sniper bots I've added, but sentry busters don't seem to be appearing. This is all that appears in the console: I've attached the...
  5. AllInTw0

    72hr Jam 2023 Griffin a4

    Made for the 2023 72h Jam Custom textures made before the jam. Heavily inspired by the map Phoenix by Defcon
  6. wobbs

    MVM MVM Viaduct

    wobbs submitted a new resource: MVM Viaduct - It's what you think Read more about this resource...
  7. wobbs

    72hr Jam 2023 MVM Viaduct 0.12

    Yup! It is the classic Viaduct converted into an MVM map, with 3 waves included! After the jam I will come back to clean up this map. This my 2nd ever map so please only yell at me a little <3 The mission was designed around this being done by 1 person. One other thing! The Vac Medic and...
  8. spidermastermind100

    72hr Jam 2023 Saxton Hale has arrived! 1.1

    Saxton Hale has joined with mercs to defeat robots and his new arch-nemesis Saxtron H413. This is my #72hourJam 2023 entry. Used Garry's Mod and started on 16th September at 8:37 PM (CET) and finished at 17th September 1:01 AM with plannings, few breaks and fixing sceneries straight ahead in...
  9. Mikasinka

    1 Tank with 100K HP for all mvm maps v1

    Start money - 30000 Speed tank - 75 HP tank - 100000 Maps: Coaltown, Ghost town, Mannworks, Rottenburg, Decoy, Bigrock \steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\scripts\population If you don't have folder "population" - create
  10. Mikasinka

    Pop missions for search place to destroy sentry busters. v1

    Missions for search place to destroy sentry busters. All mvm maps. Coaltown, decoy, mannworks, rottenburg, mannhattan, bigrock, ghost town. Download. \steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\scripts\population If you don't have folder population then create Write in the comments or add me as a...
  11. August101

    mvm_norest a1b

    A vscript mvm experiment. In short; I recreated the spawning mechanics behind left for dead's versus mode but with units designed after payday units. The map itself is also borrowed from payday. Notice: The current build is designed with tf_mvm_defenders_team_size and...
  12. dan the mann

    MvM Banner Icons

    An easy access to all 3 of the MvM banner icons. Feel free to modify these icons and use them in your mission(s). You don't have to give me credit, but it's appreciated.
  13. Saxt0n Hale

    Unofficial Contest: The Mega Punch Challenge

    Welcome everyone, to the.... The Mega Punch Challenge is a MVM Mission in where a (VERY) buffed Captain Punch is the main boss. (Edited In Note: This may actually be the hardest contest yet to be made.) When I said that this may be the hardest contest, I ment it. This boss is not the...
  14. dillwax

    Pop files not loading on custom MVM map.

    Hello, seasoned mapper here. I've decided to finally try making an MVM map and have done everything needed. The whole checklist is ticked. However, when I go to load a .pop file on my map it doesn't load. No errors show up or anything either, quite strange. I've successfully loaded pop files on...
  15. StoreMilk

    My mvm bots arn't spawning

    I'm trying to figure out how to get an mvm game working to make mvm maps. I have made a very simple map and have gotten the pop file to load properly and generated a nav mesh, but the bots are not spawning in the game. I have an error in the ingame console that says it cant find the entity...
  16. Elizabeth

    Humbridge b10

    Humbridge is a reskin and overall rework of TFConnect's 2022 Minor Contest 2nd place map, Humburg. It improves the overall visual quality, alongside expanding and improving areas that could be seen as rough around the edges. This map has 2 distinct routes that are simple to navigate between...
  17. Scatter

    Gravel Pass [WIP] a1

    [DOWNLOAD COMING SOON] From the mines, the warehouse, and the roads of Gravel Pass, Colorado, defend the recently discovered Australium Gravel on behalf of Mann Co!
  18. Jacov

    Bomb deployment siren in MvM

    Hi. On other MvM maps, when bomb carriers nearing the bomb hatch, the siren plays repeatedly. I don't have this in my map, and I'm not sure how to do it properly. I decompiled a bunch of maps and still can't find anything related to this. Is this just an ambient_generic? Can someone please help?
  19. Jacov

    Arkwright a3

  20. Fillmore

    MVM Saxford

    Using the OP to put up some info for those mission making lads so they don't have to figure this shit out by themselves