arena_saluto a3

Made for the 7.2 hour contest. Saluto is latin for 'timeless'

  1. zahndah
    Ill just put extra screenshots here.

    Made for the 7.2 hour contest, a1 finished in 4 hours.

    Came 2nd place for the 'Layout' category of the 7.2 hour contest with version A2a, which can be downloaded here:

    In A3, ive added routes up from the lower cliffs up to the med hp, widened the med hp, made the room half of the point more open and larger, added fences along the cliff, pushed back the wall at the cp and added loopy ramps so you can flank there and made the right side route less boring (maybe).

    Thanks Fantasmos for the name!

    arena_saluto_a30000.jpg arena_saluto_a30001.jpg arena_saluto_a30002.jpg arena_saluto_a30003.jpg arena_saluto_a30004.jpg arena_saluto_a30005.jpg