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mvm_fiori b2 x2

MvM gone Italy.

  1. whoopso

    need to put custom robot icons into the zip file for the contest. So this is what this update is.
  2. Firoirioroiori b2

    -Done some things to hopefully have the map run a bit better.
    -Added a 3d skybox to make the map feel more complete.

    -removed tomislav heavies (....prooooobably ;) )
    -toned down wave 6 of normal mode.
    -toned up all of advanced mode.

    mvm_fiori_b20000.jpg mvm_fiori_b20001.jpg mvm_fiori_b20002.jpg mvm_fiori_b20003.jpg mvm_fiori_b20004.jpg mvm_fiori_b20005.jpg mvm_fiori_b20007.jpg
  3. less dark

    -Probably a bit less dark - the lighting isn't good but its there.
    -Fixed a bunch of bugs that were there due to b1 being rushed.
    -Moved a few pickups near the bot dropdown.

    -Changed the advanced popfile to have the bots not have extra health.
    -Normal popfile is the same.
  4. neato burrito b1ito.

    B1 time, Obviously major change is that the map is now mostly detailed.

    But also...
    -Changed up some geometry to be more holdable / comfortable to hold
    -Changed the water to be Tumbolisu's Powerup water.
    -nav is slightly bad but with any luck its fine.
    -Added a statue of a very handsome man
    -Ngl i forgot what i changed because i accidentally deleted my notes which tell me what i changed
    -Idk if you really care what changed all that much anyways, play the map to find out I guess...
  5. The Spine Update

    Quite a lot has happened.

    Map things:
    -Boats now bob on water except for one of them.
    -Moved one lamp prop slightly upwards (very important change)
    -Moved the floor near some other lamp props lightly downwards (crucial change)
    -Changed the colour of the lights in the sewers to be white rather than VERY slightly yellow (map saved)
    -The lighting is slightly brighter overall and the shadows less dark blue.
    -Made slightly less places where tanks mess you up.
    -Reintroduced garbage building.
  6. Mostly popfile changes.

    Map things:

    -Deleted garbage building and silly back house route thing.
    -Realised that the map has no callouts for me to say what i deleted.
    -Added more soundscapes and cubemaps.
    -Built the cubemaps that i added (how kind of me).
    -Raised a door so that giants can walk through.
    -Added blockbullets to the trees' trunks and leaves so that bots and players cannot shoot though (bots can see through leaves so they had an unfair advantage)
    -Slightly changed the trigger brush for the alarm at the...
  7. Popfile errors fixed, map should no longer crash on load

    Please tell me if the map still crashes on load, but it should be fixed now.

    Sorry about all the file names being the same - please delete the old files and replace them with these newer ones (the bsp and nav mesh haven't changed though, so you don't need to replace those if you don't want to).

    Turns out that the template file was referencing itself, causing the map to crash when loading the mvm_fiori_a7b popfile - quite an interesting bug.

    Also fixed other bugs in the updated pop file.
  8. Small fixes

    -normal difficulty .pop file changes and improvements
    -Now includes a bot named 'Bolognese Bomber' which I find hilarious

    -Fixed up nav to not suck hopefully.
    -There are more holograms at the dropdown zone.
    -Added a fence thing to show a clipped off area of the map
    -Made the bridge at the dropdown look less lame again.
    -Changed geometry at dropdown slightly.
    -Tank spawns much further forward now.
    -Bot visualisers are more correct now.

    -Fixed the red spawn thing that hydrogen keeps bugging...
  9. smol update

    Main thing, skybox should no longer go apeshit.

    -Changed some clipping at the hatch to be easier to walk up
    -Aligned the upper arches of red spawn with the bottom ones
    -Nobuilded some crates that should have been nobuilded in the first place.
  10. No more Broken Parts!

    Biggest and most important change: Fiori now has a (normal difficulty) pop file of its own, courtesy of @Dasnvi - so we dont have to play Broken Parts any more.

    Other more boring changes:
    -removed some white stripes on the floor in the middle of the map
    -moved a hologram that was floating slightly
    -did a clipping pass (much less / no things to get stuck running against anymore)
    -The bridge in the dropdown area now looks less lame
    -The water in the map is rotated 30...
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