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  1. KrazyZark

    globetrotter_krazyzark 2022-03-17

    Yea I didn't get to finish Intime for the deadline but that's okay this was massive undertaking and I probably set the bar to high, have hit plenty of limits for source as well so a lot of the map is missing. Still though Very proud of this one.
  2. Deludank

    Perge A1

    Perge - No relation with the greek city. Perge is a King of The Hill map set somewhere that looks like italy. Truth is, both teams are fighting this region for no actual reason, since all the wine barrels were already taken. Let me know what you think of the map on the Discussion Thread...
  3. Yaki

    Ninfa A2

    In this Player Destruction map, players must deliver meat to the boats that float into a yeti cave. Collect meat by defeating players. Out-deliver the enemy team to have a yeti fight on your team's side for a little over a minute. This is also Medieval Mode with custom stuff Engineer can build...
  4. Marina

    cp_regato a13e2

    cp_regato is a symmetrical 5cp inspired in the "2 chokes" design Set in the italian town of regato, a nice place to stay by the ocean if it weren't infestated by greedy corporations hiding in plain sight, experimenting in the water, mercenaries have been hired to slow down the competition...
  5. Gothic Organist

    Reskinned animated DeGroot_keep flag a6

    Cp_degroot_keep's flags, but now reskinned to flags of 13 countries, 2 cities, 2 provinces and 4 miscellaneous flags. To be used for world building, shameless patriotism or just some colourful decoration. The flags include the countries: Germany, Italy, France, Australia, Finland, The...
  6. Funnystuf

    FreeBeef a19

    Another attempt at a serious map. Hoorah. This one takes place in a fictional Italian canal town, (similar to Venice)! With rivers that push you along! It starts with Blu entering a museum of art, and pushing towards the more rustic part of town where Red team has set up shop. Maybe I'll have...
  7. Kaism

    Choked Parmesan A3

    My first ever finished map, hope it's not shitty.
  8. Emil_Rusboi

    Short Beach a1

    Robots are attacking our Mann Co. facilitates in southern Europe. They land on the beaches in Palermo, Italy. We must stop them by cutting off the possibility of a subsequent seizure of a bridgehead in Italy. Good luck, private! mvm_shortbeach - Sunny coastal map in Italy. Robots begin their...
  9. zahndah

    mvm_fiori b2 x2

    My entry to the mapper vs. machine contest (probably) - A Collaboration with Dasnvi. included in download is the bsp, nav file and a pop. file. Don't expect it to be good. Thanks to the following for having good custom content up for use: Powerup water - Tumbolisu Santorini pack - Bakscratch...
  10. Necrσ

    Cafe sign V1

    My first attempt at modelling for tf2, let me know what you think. Includes: models/props_italy/cafe_sign.mdl has 3 skins: -blank -cafe -arrow
  11. squidbuddy

    Milan A4

    Bon giorno! Koth Milan is a map designed after an Italian villa. I intended to make this map using the new Frontline mod. The map layout has multiple buildings connected by bridges and archways, giving a combination of indoor and outdoor environments. Any input on the map and what can be...
  12. Necrσ

    Horizon RC1

    Formerly known as Koth_Terrace Horizon is a king of the hill map inspired by popular maps such as viaduct and highpass, set deep in the heart of the badlands region. RED and BLU fight over a disused coal mining plant in order to hide the secret operations going on deep inside their respective...