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  1. zahndah

    Blimp Blitz A2

    A steel-type control points map made for the Back to Basics contest. Blu don't like how Red are stealing their patented Blimp design! That's illegal! Blu are planning a covert mission, invading Red's blimp hangar to seize the blimp for themselves. Whether or not they are successful is another...
  2. zahndah

    Log place a10

    My potential entry for the connect 5 contest. RED are manufacturing rockets, and BLU have something to say about it! By something to say about it, I of course mean that BLU are going to blow up their rockets in this cliff-side Japanese experience. A1 Screenshots:
  3. zahndah

    mvm_fiori b2 x2

    My entry to the mapper vs. machine contest (probably) - A Collaboration with Dasnvi. included in download is the bsp, nav file and a pop. file. Don't expect it to be good. Thanks to the following for having good custom content up for use: Powerup water - Tumbolisu Santorini pack - Bakscratch...