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Connect 5 done Zahndah

  1. zahndah
    My potential entry for the connect 5 contest.

    RED are manufacturing rockets, and BLU have something to say about it! By something to say about it, I of course mean that BLU are going to blow up their rockets in this cliff-side Japanese experience.

    A1 Screenshots:
    cp_misairu_a10000.jpg cp_misairu_a10001.jpg cp_misairu_a10002.jpg cp_misairu_a10003.jpg cp_misairu_a10004.jpg cp_misairu_a10005.jpg cp_misairu_a10006.jpg

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  1. Jack5
    Version: a10
    There is simply no art direction here, everything is too open and oddly specific, nothing feels right.