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Midwest b55

Autumnal Payload

  1. MegapiemanPHD
    Midwest Mills is a milling company being used as a front for RED team and hiding some kind of sci fi power source device that BLU really wants to destroy.

    PL_Midwest was my entry for the Back to Basics contest. It's a payload map designed to try to get the most out of it's space with a snaking cart path, dynamic elements such as shortcuts and a turntable as well as multiple spawn areas. Many of these elements have been changed throughout development to be what it is today.

    Layout, detailing - megapiemanphd
    SFM beta props - Valve
    Sinclair signs - Blaholtzen
    Semi truck and trailer, forklift- FGD5
    Husky, dog bowl, dog treat - Dr. Face
    quicklime sack edit, bathroom signs, nucleus particle edit, large grain sack - Zeus3005


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Recent Updates

  1. the mummies can get stuck behind the geometry
  2. Watching paint dry
  3. Did it wrong again

Recent Reviews

  1. Rhamkin
    Version: b53
  2. Rhamkin
    Version: b48
    Remenber playing it in imps, i loved holding the final stage with a sentry
  3. Reppeti
    Version: b25
    Amazing quality!
  4. Skylark
    Version: b18
    I have a concussion from hitting my head every time leaving blu spawn, the rest of the map is a bit hazy not sure why.
  5. Anonymous
    Version: b3
    Crashed the EU server.