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Midwest rc1a

Autumnal Payload

Midwest Mills is a milling company being used as a front for RED team and hiding some kind of sci fi power source device that BLU really wants to destroy.

PL_Midwest was my entry for the Back to Basics contest. It's a payload map designed to try to get the most out of it's space with a snaking cart path, dynamic elements such as shortcuts and a turntable as well as multiple spawn areas. Many of these elements have been changed throughout development to be what it is today.

Layout, detailing - megapiemanphd
Sinclair signs - Blaholtzen
Semi truck and trailer, forklift- FGD5
Husky, dog bowl, dog treat - Dr. Face
quicklime sack edit, bathroom signs, nucleus particle edit, large grain sack, one way sign - Zeus3005
Small and Medium size edit for Urban Blast Door - KrazyZark
First release
Last update

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. Workshop Ready

    -clipping fixes -finalizations -menu photos -workshop upload
  2. Crystal Palace Football Club

    -clipping -optimization attempts -other finalizations
  3. The boonie update

    -fixed clipping (thanks boonie)

Latest reviews

Honestly one of my favourite community made Payload maps. The amount of versions for this map is proof that time and effort was put into perfecting the layout. I've had a lot of good memories playing on this map with friends on my server, and I can't understate how much it means to me. I very closely associate this map with TF2, and I hope one day it makes it into TF2's casual rotation, as I believe it deserves it. Hopefully some day I'll be able to get my own Midwest Map Stamp!
Scout is really fun on this map and it looks really good.
Remenber playing it in imps, i loved holding the final stage with a sentry
Amazing quality!
I have a concussion from hitting my head every time leaving blu spawn, the rest of the map is a bit hazy not sure why.
Crashed the EU server.