Breakout a6b

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Breakout a6b

VIP gravelpit style

Hired to help a guy escape a red base, BLU must escort the VIP to a nearby helicopter to reach freedom. The base has it's own defenses however that they'll need to deal with first. Thankfully, the VIP knows how to disarm them. Capture both the chopper and the missile control room to finally make things safe enough to leave.

Breakout is VIP mixed with Gravelpit style CP. 2 points are always active and BLU must capture both in order to win overall. There is no 3rd final point but that doesn't mean RED will make things easy.
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Ulysses 31

    -fixed crashing
  2. Anyone remember Pants on the Ground?

    -lowered overall time by 60 seconds -lowered red respawn time by 2 seconds -increased cap time by 5 seconds -adjusted blu spawn exits to allow them to re-enter and access the VIP pickup -probably some other things too
  3. Dance in smarty pants

    -adjusted outdoor lighting to feel more overcast -changed the entirety of the middle area outside of red spawn -gave red height advantage outside of their middle spawn route -adjusted red spawn to help direct players more to the points -pushed...