Midwest b30

Autumnal Payload

  1. Bram Stoker's Dracula

    -moved around health and ammo at A
    -added some health and ammo for attackers around B
    -lighting changes around C
    -optimization attempts around C
    -general clipping fixes
  2. Would a mirror invert the whole thing?

    -added a blu route at B to help them get around sightlines
    -changed pipe at C
    -minor detailing
    -other stuff probably
    -rip the system
  3. Did you C it?

    -reworked C to try and make it actually defendable
    -clipping fixes
    -minor detail changes
    -minor lighting changes
    -fruit now plays on a loop (there are no fruit nor loops)


    1. 20210114024124_1.jpg
    2. 20210114024140_1.jpg
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  4. Godspeed Messenger

    -detail changes around D
    -changed respawn times after B is capped to favor Red more when defending C
    -changed med ammo at C to full ammo
    -clipping fixes all round
    -widened drop down when red leaves red spawn to accommodate more players using it at a time
    -widened other doorway to the outside in the same area
    -lighting improvements at D and in building around B
    -added arrow inside blu shortcut to try and make it EVEN MORE noticeable
    -lowered high windows at D
    -added another case by the right...
  5. Didn't even crack 1 million copies sold

    -changed around respawn times
    -clipping fixes (thanks )
    -changed blu b shortcut again to try and be even more obvious and adjusted geometry around it to match
    -some other stuff I imagine
  6. over a year in development

    -added new route at last to try and help blu cap
    -added more cover at A to help make a safe area near some pickups
    -changed around respawn times
    -detail changes
    -clipping changes
    -made the map more wrap assassin bauble friendly
    -other things
  7. CS:GO got a large update

    -clipping fixes
    -minor detail changes
    -dog now animates more
    -added cover around last and changed the high windows to a balcony
    -moved around blu cover at B
    -removed props red could use to jump up to the bridge ledge by B
    -shrunk drop down hole by red first spawn to negate odd angle sniper sightline
    -other things and such
  8. Valid Title

    -tried to make blu's spawn to B shortcut more obvious
    -lit up area at B by the red tank more
    -changed around red and blu spawn times when points are capped
    -changed blu shortcut door from blu spawn to B to be more obvious (hopfully)
    -detail changes
    -clipping fixes
  9. Wump Fruit flavored G-fuel

    -added more handrails around the death pit at last to help spies to not just walk into it.
    -clipping fixes
    -minor detail changes
    -made transitions between concrete and dirt/grass less jarring by having them use the same blend texture as the loading dock
    -changed which window in the building between B and C is open
    -removed clems corn sign from C
    -opened up defender window at B more to give players there less cover
    -added some props to help players jump over the lower wall between B and C...
  10. Turn in your keys

    -clipping fixes
    -minor detail changes
    -stairs by D are now more OSHA compliant
    -blocked a sightline between B and A
    -changed glass textures in windows across the map to make it more obvious they are closed windows
    -moved oil can on the concrete blocks at B so heavies can't stand over it and shoot out of their eyes at people over the B sign
    -fixed forcerespawns after A and B to actually respawn teams instead of not doing anything as they where set to the wrong team numbers
    -blocked sightline...
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