Down Under

Multi Stage Down Under b5

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Multi Stage Down Under b5

Blowing up the outback

Mappings a good hobby mate. Challenging work, indoors, garneted you'll go hungry if you try to rely on mapping for TF2 as a job.

Down Under takes the Mercs to Australia, somewhere they surprisingly haven't been all that much. What will they find at the end of this 3 stage payload map? Honestly I don't know cause only the first stage has been made so far. It's a secret to everyone.

Layout - Megapiemanphd
Van - KrazyZark
First release
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Latest updates

  1. What in the heck is going on here

    STAGE 1 -pushed A forward -adjusted health and ammo packs to try and help blu attack last -fixed seams STAGE 2 -fixed seams -minor detail changes STAGE 3 -nothing
  2. Chickens

    Overall -increased fog z-clip plane Stage 1 -changed spawn gate exit for the cart of blu spawn to the taller gate -added route from mine tunnel to upper balcony between A and B Stage 2 -adjusted geometry into last cave to try and block...
  3. Womp der it is

    -added route near dump truck in stage 2 -adjusted geometry in left building after A in stage 1 -did nothing to stage 3 -updated payload model -probably some other things