single stage

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  1. Undercover Fish

    Sapwood B1

    3-point, single stage CP A/D map. BLU attempts to raid a logging operation ran by RED, extracting a suspiciously shiny sap from a valley forest. Planned theme/detail is alpine, transitioning through the map from run-down, shady, and wooden, to modern, concrete, and sunny. Sapwood isn't my first...
  2. August101

    plr_august101_mc23 a2

    Using tf_logic_cp_timer to make a weird mix of koth and payload race.
  3. Markus_McCloud

    Graffiti (Alpha) Alpha 3a

    I came up with this map layout idea while bored as hell at work. The idea for the theming came about as one of ArraySeven's old discarded ideas: In my idea, I made it into a small Tug of War Payload map instead of a traditional one. And yeah, I know that choosing an unconventional gamemode...
  4. August101

    pl_zoned a6

    A payload map for the 2022 spookfest competition, featuring a payload that goes into the underworld itself.
  5. Tumby

    Tumby MC22 a1a

    A Payload Race map made for the 22nd Microcontest. This map uses 99 solids. I don't really know what I'm doing.
  6. Food

    Meddle a1

    A single stage payload race map made for the 2022 72hr tf2 maps jam
  7. Hydro Eclipse

    Norey A2

    A single-stage payload map that has you travel through cliffs and warehouses to reach red's base.
  8. MrOakridge

    plr_trident 72hr Final v1.1

    A Payload Race with an emphasis on tight spaces and close-quarters combat. Can you get your cart through when the tracks are so intertwined with the enemy's? There is a well-hidden Easter egg in this map. Can you figure out how to make it appear? --- This map uses door prefabs and game logic...
  9. Axzye

    Cratery A6E

    Problem: RED keeps using crates for cover, making it harder to fight them. Solution: Blow up the crates. This is technically my third map, but it's the first I've made in a long time.
  10. MC_Labs15

    Pine Peak b1c

    My entry for the Rule of Threes contest! A single-stage, 3 point payload map featuring a sawblade, a train bridge, and a laserbeam!
  11. MC_Labs15

    pl_thermo a6

    BLU team invades a RED geothermal plant, aiming to blow up the nefarious laboratory experiment contained within. UPDATE: New redesigned version here:
  12. Dasprucegoose

    Dustplate a1

    The first stage of my first a/d map. Finally moved on from Koth
  13. thysponge55

    pl_papyrus a4b

    Hello!! Another map on it's way! This time a far more ambitious (my first try at a) Single Stage Payload Map. I am super early into play-testing and getting feedback and nothing is finalised. I've done my texturing and detail to give a flavour of what the final map will look like! The map...
  14. Itspice

    Pipedream a1b

    a single stage attack defense map with the theme of "a bunch of pipes" Blu attacks a pump station with a cylinder as cover on the point, then move through a sewer or a dropdown onto the second point, a water purifier (not featured: anything resembling a water purifier).
  15. Vert

    Staggering Rock a16c

    A four point payload map that I hope staggers the rocks mind. Featuring rocks. Nothing too crazy layout wise, just hoping it's fun to play.
  16. Bull

    avalanche a10_v4

    Hey guys! Guess who's back after years of radio silence. I bring you a new one-stage payload map from yours truely. This map is set high in the mountains, and features many different fighting locations and (hopefully) happy engi spots too. I've played it myself a tad with friends and bots but...
  17. Aulli

    Cairo A6a

    A three control point Attack/Defend, Blu starts in a riverside villa, and has to fight their way through the town to ultimately take control of the Dockyard and its floodgates, taking over the river shipping routes. Credits: Wooden double doors by 'Louie "Bakscratch" Turner' Arabian Market...
  18. Tiftid

    pl_tower a7

    A7 is here! I fixed the spawns! Note that since A4, I redesigned the original pl_tower, so A4 is essentially an A1. In A4, I tried to fix the problems the previous map had which included being too cramped, having awful Sniper sightlines and being generally not very TF2-like. For A5, I doubled...
  19. TSJ1020

    pl_Mehwater a8.1

    Took a while on this map
  20. zythe_

    trainwreck a1

    trainwreck is a payload map set at some kind of mining/storage facility. all the goods get delivered by train. Blu must destroy part of reds track so blu can send their train in instead of only reds!