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  1. Crash

    Farmed V2

    Experimental "why not" non-seasonally themed version of Probed.
  2. pumpko

    Downfall a1

    4cp payload, with an alpine/farm theme. tried experimenting with angles and stuff. custom models and stuff (owo pumpkin, skinny trees, fixed granary skybox) by tumby
  3. zythe_

    zytheconv a5

  4. Habeebit

    Farm Windmill De-Skyboxed 1a

    A from-the-ground-up remake of the farm windmill skybox prop, for use in farm maps Created for the 2022 72hr jam
  5. Elizabeth

    Facade a1a

    Facade is a MvM map made for the 72 Hr summer jam set on a false front farm. With your base hidden under a barn and silo, perfectly concealed if not for the giant bomb grade hatch installed directly above your spawn point. With the bots approaching quick you need to defend your spawnroom at all...
  6. Lev1679

    dom_barnfield A3

    Dom_barnfield is a 2-team domination map with 2 points!
  7. TheWither031

    Amphitheater a1

    Another koth map, I hope this goes somewhere!
  8. Sonoma

    cowcitdel2008 rc3

    A payload map for Microcontest #21 I wanted to create an authentic 2008 fpsbanana tf2 map
  9. Cyberen

    Pig Prop 2022-02-04

    This is my pig! Collision included! Explanation below:
  10. squeezit

    cp_porter (3 Point A/D)

    Made this map years ago with way too much ambition and it ended up burning me out almost immediately after playtesting it, never making it to Beta. It is originally meant to take place on farmlands (similar to the 2fort look), you can probably see what I was trying to do but ended up failing...
  11. zythe_

    zythesnow a10

    this map used to be my half for mc19, however i mirrored it by itself to see what it would be like
  12. zythe_

    zythebarn a3

  13. ethosaur

    trade_balloonfarm 2021-08-16

    Based on my original map from VRChat "Ethosaurs balloon farm" This is a recreation of that map, this was a quick 24 hour project I wanted to do, and here it is! Ride the balloon ride, run through the fields, or just enjoy the view of Balloon farm, now in TF2! Cozy...
  14. Everything PC Gaming

    CP_Roadside B1

    WARNING: This map is meant for TF2 Classic NOT TF2 Original! CP_Roadside Takes place in a beach roadside in which has a old hotel that both the RED and BLU team want to take control over and expand their businesses. BLU Team wants to expand and place an edition onto the hotel and the RED...

    mono a1

    A small farmhouse with a silo that took a lot of effort to make working.
  16. Piggy

    koth_orchard_a4 2021-04-12

    This map has its fair share of problems. Already aware of how annoying an overly aggressive team can be here, but I've mostly scrapped the project at this point and I just want to see if people enjoy what I've put together at all. Who knows, maybe I'll come back to it if people like the layout...
  17. zythe_

    Multi Stage purloin_s1 a5a

  18. zythe_

    zythe_mc8 a1

    xqc fart compilation
  19. Kosmix ♞

    FarmAssist A01a

    Currently in v Alpha 6. A farmland map mainly set between 2 buildings.
  20. *Turns into crocodile*

    railgate a2

    Oh no! BLU accidentally set the train's path into RED's territory, and the RED team won't let the train pass. It's time for BLU to get the gate to open it manually by capping the point. But they'll have to be quick! We don't want the train to crash into the gate.