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Medina b2

Total medieval chaos

The map was supposed to be a MVM map, but after done all the brush work, I feel like it not worth it.
So I scrap it for different mode, but since this is an MVM map, only 2 modes fit it: Medieval and Player Destruction



Big thank to Asd417 for the skybox, early morning is a good time for killing each others
Thanks EArkham for the Egyptian pack



Mess About
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Player Destruction
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. connect5

    B2 - Connect Five Contest Some updates prepare for the game day: +Rework on Red spawns +Missing wire texture +Clip all the rooftop, smoother +Increase light_enviroment value +Make all props solid +Some minor changes
  2. beta oh boy

    B1 My first map hit beta phase, mostly because of its game modes: Player Destruction + Medieval, which really don't require much crazy, strategic layout (doesn't mean that Medina's is simple) +Reduce respawn time, max is 10s, min is 5s included...
  3. changes are so little that you won't notice

    Big thank to Asd417 for the skybox, early morning is a good time for killing each others The Red spawn was bad, and I felt bad, so changed it immediately. Made Blu spawn' ramp abit longer, easier for trimping without hitting the ceiling Add a...

Latest reviews

Ropes have been fixed but there are still no spectator cameras on the map (info_observer_point). At least one of these must be set to the Welcome Point.
Looks like a lot of fun, however there is a lack of detail in the walls surrounding the map, and some ropes have missing textures: https://i.imgur.com/EFFG2BK.jpg