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  1. Gismo Gaming

    ctf_nile Alpha 14 - Getaway

    Blu and Red have gained digging rights underneath two opposing pyramids. Upon searching, the teams uncover several artifacts (Flags) that are really neat! It turns out the artifacts are cursed and the teams decide to dump their cursed artifacts in the opposing teams' dig site in order to rid...
  2. Gruppy

    Cario Props v1

    A few props I was making for my map ctf_cario. Includes: Breakable banister prop with gib models Lantern Chain Also includes: QC files Texture sources and .blend files Make to kind of match the aesthetic of the Whark Arabian Market pack.
  3. Endermage77

    ctf_kemri a1

    The Black Pyramid hides a valuable cache of Australium. Go forth and grab it, then! Map Credits: Marble — DrSquishy Pickup Patches — Berry
  4. Katsu! :3

    Multi Stage Regypt rc2

    Hello! I would like to welcome you to cp_regypt_rc2, a visual overhaul of cp_egypt done by "MallCop." As far as I know, the only changes that were done to the map were making the visuals much easier on the eyes, as all the extreme yellows of egypt hurt after a while. So you may notice that the...
  5. tomix7

    Kz_Dust (Climb) a2

    A kz_ climb map (climb_, xc_) The goal is to complete the map as fast as possible, jumping from obstacle to obstacle. (Basically parkour) The map is intended to be played with default TF2 settings as engineer, sniper or pyro without any movement changing unlocks. Average completion time...
  6. Ismaciodismorphus

    Black Stone pack 7/6/2022

    A collection of egypt textures i edited for use on a map, they may be of use to someone else so im leaving this pack here incase anyone else finds a use for them.
  7. xobile

    KotH Proside

    xobile submitted a new resource: Proside - A rework of Lakeside Read more about this resource...
  8. Ismaciodismorphus

    Tomb of Nefritari a1

    Recreation of the map with the same name from Serious Sam 3: Bfe's Deathmatch mode. This map was notable for having zero lighting meaning you could only see with your flashlight... it sucked in that game and it will suck in this one too. Weapon roster: x2 Lightning Guns X2 Rocket Launchers x4...
  9. zythe_

    skorpion a2

    its called skorpion because its shaped like a scarab
  10. Ismaciodismorphus

    Hoodlums Backyard (OPEN FORTRESS) a4

    This is a recration of the Hoodlums Backyard map for Serious Sam the first encounter in open fortress
  11. Ismaciodismorphus

    TFE Hoodlums a2

    Its a port of Hoodlums alley from Serious sam TFE into TF2 and into instagib.
  12. jelly?

    vsh_cosmos_b4 2022-02-05

    First release of vsh_cosmos! woohoo! Love saxton hale mode and astronomy? ur gonna love my nutts. Made with the motive to create something spacy, and learned a lot whilst creating the map too. Please feel free to report bugs here so I can try to fix them in the next update. Hope you like it...
  13. d3adfin

    Monthu a2a

    dm_monthu is an open fortress deathmatch map built with a focus on tdm. it's inspired by quake live maps like purgatory, tornado and deep inside.
  14. ethosaur

    koth_coalyard a1

    Kinda messed this up a lot, doubt I will really finish it, but I guess we will see... Anyway, this was my quick attempt at trying to make something within the given timeframe for the 72hr jam! The map is not really playable yet, as it is missing many vital gameplay elements, such as clips...
  15. radarhead

    Canvas/Tent Textures 2

    A set of canvas tent textures so you can make your own circus tents, shop awnings, archaeological digs, and marinas. Includes four colors adapted from the circus tents seen in Carvinal of Carnage (red, blue, purple and green striped) and three more adaptable solid colors (Egypt Khaki, Military...
  16. bagelchips

    koth_sandstone a3

    A retexture of Kube's templetown. I'm planning on changing the layout, prop, pretty much everything, but I want to hear some basic criticism before I begin tinkering.
  17. ethosaur

    cp_coalyard_old 2021-08-03

    Extremely old egypt themed control point map that I found recently, thought i'd upload for legacy/history reasons... Possibly made in 2012 or older. Maybe i'll redo this some day?....
  18. Ismaciodismorphus

    Hatshepsut a10

    Its arena but in egypt and on the nile beware of the crocodile
  19. BOEN

    koth_byramid v2

    Hey everyone! This is my first king of the hill map! I started this map way way back when they first added king of the hill as a gamemode. I felt the cap speed was way too slow on stock KOTH maps, so I wanted to show the proper way to do it. I never actually finished the map up until just...
  20. thysponge55

    pl_papyrus a4b

    Hello!! Another map on it's way! This time a far more ambitious (my first try at a) Single Stage Payload Map. I am super early into play-testing and getting feedback and nothing is finalised. I've done my texturing and detail to give a flavour of what the final map will look like! The map...