Medina b2

Total medieval chaos

  1. connect5

    Messing Around
    B2 - Connect Five Contest


    Some updates prepare for the game day:

    +Rework on Red spawns
    +Missing wire texture
    +Clip all the rooftop, smoother
    +Increase light_enviroment value
    +Make all props solid
    +Some minor changes
  2. beta oh boy

    Messing Around

    My first map hit beta phase, mostly because of its game modes: Player Destruction + Medieval, which really don't require much crazy, strategic layout (doesn't mean that Medina's is simple)

    +Reduce respawn time, max is 10s, min is 5s included Deathcam time
    +Some detailing around the map

    Still more to do
  3. changes are so little that you won't notice

    Messing Around
    Big thank to Asd417 for the skybox, early morning is a good time for killing each others

    The Red spawn was bad, and I felt bad, so changed it immediately.
    Made Blu spawn' ramp abit longer, easier for trimping without hitting the ceiling

    Add a bridge over the capture zone
    Add a bunch of props (water tanks) around the map, make it easier to parkour


  4. big changes

    Messing Around
    30 spawns all over the map is a fun idea after all, but it didn't work out so well. So, back to the basic, 2 spawnrooms on each side, the capture zone in the bottom middle


    Capture zone

    Blu spawn

    Red spawn
  5. forgot to pack

    Messing Around
    There're some Conctruction props I forgot to pack into the map