Maintenance Yard A5

Attempt at making a 5 CP

  1. F4NGS
    Maintenance Yard A1

    This is the first time I've tried making 5 CP map. I really like how some areas are coming out though I need to fully develop / flesh out some areas as well. Though the map is built enough for a alpha one playtest. Hopefully the map feels balanced from both attacking and defend sides. I'm really excited to playtest it and see if the map works. There is a train hazard on one of the routes to the 2nd CP which should be fun to watch it get cheeky kills on players. You can also jump onto the train and ride it across a section of the map as well. (It's a working title for now..) 20190715054744_1.jpg 20190715054859_1.jpg 20190715054932_1.jpg 20190715054832_1.jpg 20190715054833_1.jpg 20190715055929_1.jpg

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