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  1. Mr. help

    Ashcreek village 2022-10-06

    Symmetrical CP map I made based off of this image. Was originally going to be a KOTH map but ended up changing it later on.
  2. MC_Labs15

    MCLJam a2

    Made for the 2021 72 Hour Jam! I've only ever done payload before, so this should be interesting.
  3. ItsOnlyMilky

    CP_Orbit A13a

    *Please ping me on Discord to ask if I'm available before testing* Orbit is a CP map focused on a complex, round facility with multiple floors. Start at the core and work your way uphill to win! Want to go uphill? Run clockwise. The first point for both teams is the Core, which takes up the...
  4. SaltyPapi

    Best methodology for symmetrical maps

    Hi, I'm working on my first map, working Title: koth_waterworks, and I'm looking to make it a mirrored koth map. I've already figured that it'd be best to only build one half of the map for the most part, and then mirror it to make it playable (with all of the gameplay logic and spawns, etc.)...
  5. MatixPL [F2P]

    GateBoat a6

    Map which I was working on for 4 months, because of not so many ideas. Its a map with control points on each side of river and one inside the bunker.
  6. zythe_

    epicenter a1

    I've decided to bring new life to an old TFC map called epicenter! A map that would have otherwise been forgotten is now getting a full tf2 style remake with only a few gameplay updates such as new spawn exits and an extra route into the cap area. Epicenter was originally a invade CTF map! Now...
  7. TH3 D34DL3$$

    Arrival a5

    Enclosed trainyard where you have to blow up enemy's train while protecting your own. Bomb is located at the center of the map. Once it's picked up, opposite team has their train arrive at one of three random locations - Loading zone, Overpass and Metro. To plant a bomb, cap a point with it...
  8. Custard1

    Canaveral [3CP] Rc3

    A 3cp map set along the shores and facilities of Cape Canaveral. Both keys need to be turned in each base to launch the rocket, but neither team is willing to give up control. Take the launch pad and storm the enemy control room to win.
  9. Mercia

    Radiotower A7b

    construction themed map This is my third map and I'm very happy with my mapping progress so far. Credits: The Construction Pack - various assets
  10. Silver Scrublord

    Crevasse Remastered Final

    General Information The original Crevasse was released around 3 - 4 years ago and never finished. It was one of my first attempts at creating a full TF2 map and it turned out undetailed and boring. Now I have something better, something that truly embodies what I wanted the original creation to...
  11. Communism

    3cp_tallwall A2

    This is a 3cp map, not much else to say, layout is very simple, the walls are tall, this is just the first alpha version. Any feedback is appreciated!
  12. zythe_

    zythe piuc a2

    [ABANDONED] i gave up lol A Hold the flag map made for the "Pick it up contest"!
  13. Silver Scrublord

    cp_downtown b10

    after about two weeks of work I've finished my first team fortress 2 map in the half decade I've been making stuff in hammer. It has some issues, it has some inconsistencies, it has some visual bugs, but apparently some people think it's fun? This takes the standin-route of the control point...
  14. Thod_

    [3CP] Dispose A4

    Presenting the first version of my new map Dispose Each control point has multiple attack routes and health/ammo kits nearby. Indoor areas have high roofs to allow more vertical movement. Middle control point is sheltered to prevent soldier spam. Both sides come with an indoor flank route that...
  15. Aapelikaeki

    Flare A2

    Flare is a king of the hill map rotated 90° with a washed out alpine theme and a burning sunset.
  16. F4NGS

    Maintenance Yard A7

    CP Maintenance Yard 5CP Map :D