Maintenance Yard A5

Attempt at making a 5 CP

  1. A5

    - removed train flank to last
    - replaced flatcars with boxcars on trains
    - the train is now shorter
    - shorten distance time to take flank with grass to 2nd
    - added new flank to 2nd that leads under point
    - added to platforms at 2nd
    - added drop down to full health pack near 2nd
    - added to lobby before last
    - moved spawners at last closer to spawn gates

  2. A4

    - Changed last point's cap time from 2 to 4 seconds
    - Changed 2nd point's cap time from 6 to 8 seconds
    - Changed mid point's cap time from 11 to 12 seconds
    - added lip to spawn gates so they dont z clip with door frame
    - replaced orecars with containers at mid
    - replaced metal barriers at 2nd CP with brush walls with windows
    - shorten width of hurt trigger on trains
    - clipped some stuff
  3. Changed some stuff


    - changed train gates from func_rotating_door to func_door so they slide open to stop the doors from getting stuck on players when rotating
    - changed mid cap zone to original size
    - added orecars to mid
    - opened up area under 2nd CP
  4. A2 - thanks for the feedback during the playtest :)


    - lowered height of nipple at mid
    - Shorten length of cap zone at cap, so you can't cap on platform near point
    - resigned a more direct route to mid that cross train tracks
    - removed flatcars at mid
    - added no entry texture to forward spawn gates
    - fixed train doors
    - new flank that follows train path (can only access when train is passing)
    - new route for defenders to 2nd point.
    - made left flank into last more open and added health and ammo packs
    - made the door...