Batteringram A15

Payload map that has a medieval theme

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    Spent some time working on this map after about year and a half of not really touching it. I changed so much! There's some familiar landmarks and areas. Though I probably scraped 2/3 of the map and developed a lot of new areas. I can't wait to playtest it and see how it plays out.

    One of the most common things people said as feedback during the playtesting of the older versions was.. hey this map looks kind of cool but too bad its medieval mode. Medieval mode sucks. I wonder how it would play as a normal payload map.

    So, It's no longer medieval mode! It's no longer a medieval mode payload map, its a payload map that has a medieval theme.

    Also I scraped the actually battering ram and now the map has a normal payload cart. I know.. I know.. but it was the gimmick of the map! it's the name of the map! though I don't think having such a huge and bulk cart to push really added to the gameplay the way I thought it would. (maybe should call the map pl_normalpayloadcart ). Also Having such a big cart really made me overscale areas of the map.

    What would be really cool, if this map playtests well and I develop it further, and somehow get a custom battering ram prop roughly the size of the normal payload. that would be sweet.

    I think some things that I might need to work on are that some areas might be a little too chokey and could use more routes. Then I'm thinking I might need to adjust some spawn locations and respawn times.


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