Medieval Batteringram a5_fix

Medieval payload with a large battering ram as the cart

  1. F4NGS

    Medieval themed payload map. The Blu team has to push a large battering ram over a bridge, through the woods, past the city guard post, through the town center, then finally to the front doors of the Red team's castle.

    The battering ram is pretty much a surf ramp on wheels, roughly the size of Li'l Chew-Chew from pl_frontier without the platform on the back. the dispenser trigger is only towards the back.

    Hopefully the structure and concept of the map works.

    The battering ram tends to teleport the player away from it when the player is walking into it. I have to figure out how to fix this problem.. if anyone knows plz help. maybe I can have a real battering ram prop at some point.

    I'm hoping to see the triangular shape of the battering ram be used for demoknight charges. Though, it still teleports the player away atm so its pretty glitchy. Also the 45 degree angles might be alittle too step, I was thinking of adjusting them. I was able to pull a few off, but not really consistently.

    I feel I still have to develop / fully flesh certain areas for this map, though I think it's at least ready for a playtest. the logic should be all good. Also I still have to work on optimization. hint and skips are so confusing to me. I just spent the last 5 hours trying to make them work with little results. The town center especially.. for some reason things far way, from the other side of the map are getting rendered and im not exactly sure why.

    pl_batteringram_a10019.jpg pl_batteringram_a10017.jpg pl_batteringram_a10008.jpg pl_batteringram_a10016.jpg pl_batteringram_a10009.jpg pl_batteringram_a10012.jpg pl_batteringram_a10013.jpg
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