capture point

  1. Gigachad gaming

    CP Doublecross 1.0

    Another take on the map!
  2. Pepto

    cp_docks 0.9

    5CP symmetrical map, 1 central neutral CP with each time having 2 CP. Capture the consecutive point to unlock the next until you capture all of them to win. Winner deploys their submarine to blow up the passing cargo ship before the time runs out. Map still in WIP, central area nearly detailed...
  3. Kalamari

    cp_john a1a

    attack/defend 2 point cp map with tight corners and fun flanks. created in the style of badlands and goldrush.
  4. Your drunk father

    zepheniah_lane_a3 2024-01-27

    it's a prototype of a london-themed map with many roads to attack or defend, 3 captured points including the end point indoors, a few small spots for snipers and sentry nests
  5. barman9837

    Arena_Graywash A3

    In the abandoned gravel mines of the deceased Gray Mann, Red and Blue must battle to the death for the property. Blah blah blah you know the gist its an Alpha gonna refine it tune it and hopefully get it into B1 try it please : ]
  6. CallMeJoel

    72hr Jam 2023 Cp_Js Arcade v1

    this is an old ass project that i made like a year or two later and here it is :p in map jam form
  7. bokon87550

    Map 2023-08-23

    Territory control map with an unique type of last point.
  8. Mr. help

    Ashcreek village 2022-10-06

    Symmetrical CP map I made based off of this image. Was originally going to be a KOTH map but ended up changing it later on.
  9. Jameson

    Jameson_mc22 a1

    Made for the 22nd Microcontest. Only 199 solids could be used. I used 196 Also used the Delivery Van asset, it's too good not to use. Also I think I used a construction pack texture for the ground blend somewhere. Delivery van - evil knevil, NassimO
  10. abigail

    Multi Stage Neon a3

    Neon: a colorless, odorless gas that is chemically inert. Known for giving off a distinct reddish-orange glow when used under low-voltage. cp_neon: a 3 stage attack/defense map that is definitely not trying to be dustbowl.
  11. Seacat08

    cp_codun B5

    Blu and Red fight to own 3 capture points.
  12. Thetriztheexistentialneko

    cp_edgy_steampunk_fursona A4

    Recently Saxton hale noticed that a lot of Mann cos cars where being stolen by by airships, so he stole one of the airships for himself and sent the blu team to get any cars back from the floating city that their coming from
  13. quruc90

    CP_Operation a12

    [used to be 4CP] Symmetrical, regular 5CP now. Lore: At first, it looks like RED and BLU are just running a mining operation very close to each other. But that satellite and computer building are awfully suspicious. Capture the enemy's bunker, found in the mine system, then move on to the...
  14. Stack Man

    Control Point Elevator (Matches Cap Progress) a3

    A control point elevator that moves upward, matching the progress of the capture at all times. The entity trigger_timer_door is not used as it does not allow variable cap rates, does not account for capture blocking, and greatly increases capture decay rate. Instead, this prefab manually sets...
  15. AY|Gamer Monter

    Multi Stage hallowen point 28 2021-06-16

    Aceito sugestões e críticas e ajudo são mapa de Halloween para ter ponto, fantasma, merasmo e cartas
  16. shermp

    cp_drainwash b1

    A small, and very linear simple and basic 5CP map, sawmill themed.
  17. Your Local Scout Main

    CP_Warehouse a2_v2

    3 Points Point A [Kind of open area, elevated platform, health and ammo] Point B [Massive open area, elevated platform, 2 floors, health and ammo] Point C [Inclosed area, no health or ammo, even ground] And bots work [If bots do not work, have sv_cheats set to 1, and type in nav_generate in...
  18. Kepler

    CP Harve - Originally for Microcontest 11 'Rules of Three' A3

    My map entry for Microcontest 11. I need a name and theme.
  19. Scary-Jello

    cp_dustward_park A7

    (Note: name is not final and is obviously terrible, but I suck at names quite frankly so for now this will, hopefully, do.) A single stage 3cp attack defend map, with points A and B being out in the open, and point C being in a more constrained yet sprawling indoor area. While there's...
  20. Call_Me_Meme

    Castlefort a1

    My 2020 72h summer Jam (and also my first capture point map) For TF2 Classic. Doesn't seem to work in live TF2. I only made it for TF2C because my TF2 hammer install is broken (something about invalid game files.) Images: Dropbox download link...