longboy a17a

very long boy

  1. pre beta detail and stuff

    • heavily detailed last on both sides
    • adjusted lower spawns to spawn closer to the top floor
    • win trigger is now further down the track at last
    • nerfed a route to last by making it lowground
    • removed highground for defenders at last, extended area out of spawn, removed overhang building
    • sunk the boy down so that he's technically shorter
  2. changes to last

    • defenders now have options for highground
    • options include a route to a highground room, and the silo stairs have been reversed
    • spawns now exit high for the top floor, and the bottom floor has more room (and a window)
    • fixed issues regarding nobuilds
  3. fixies again!! but better

    • tall doors are now wider
    • fixed certain doors
    • fixed some visualizers
    • fixed control points having announcer lines
    • railings on the boy no longer block bullets
    • outside of connector is now wider, but with a fence
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  4. fixies :)

    • fixed logic related to red winning, forward spawns, and timers
    • small clipping stuffs just for you
  5. mid and logic rewo

    • the logic for capturing the boy has been reworked so that in order for defenders to take control of the boy, they must stand on the cart with no contest for a certain amount of time. at this point, the defenders are the attackers, and the attackers are the defenders, and must do the same thing
    • mid has been reworked, with the side routes being much more open, and another highground route that branches from the mid building
    • mid is now split into two control points, in order...
  6. fixes and doors are gone

    • removed mid doors because idk
    • fixed boy because of said doors being gone
  7. big changes

    • cart is now roughly 2x faster (bit faster with one person, WAY faster with 3 people)
    • cart now always heals you
    • mid now features doors like lobby, which open and close on opposite sides to block sightlines/act as a buffer
    • the side routes to mid room are now platforms primarily for attackers
    • lower area of lobby has been reworked to be a lot better to navigate
    • connector is simpler and more sleek to navigate
    • oob rooms are now team colored for contrast
    • lighting...
  8. detailingish and small fixes

    • small detailing stuff and clipping fixes
    • moved cap path nodes in lobby closer together
    • raised ceiling in lobby
  9. real fix

    found the issue i think???
  10. spawn fixes

    hopefully fixed spawns
    also added overlays