longboy a11a

very long boy

  1. real fix

    found the issue i think???
  2. spawn fixes

    hopefully fixed spawns
    also added overlays
  3. you can win now

    • changed last spawns to be two "chunks", you start at the top spawn, and whenever your lobby is owned by the other team, you spawn at the lower spawn.
    • modified spawn timings
    • cart now stops temporarily when lobby is capped
    • wooloo
    • cautions
  4. changes

    • added walls/building at mid to separate sides and block sightlines
    • doors in lobby now open one at a time, which should also improve framerates
    • added a high route in lobby for defenders to use
    • shifting of certain doors
    • floor near lobby point is now grated
    • small bug fixes
    • hid longboy hologram
    • swapped crate colors
  5. Massive last rework (thanks abp)

    • last is now MAJORLY changed with layout from abp, with tweaks to fit the rest of the map
    • theme change
    • small tweaks everywhere
    • bird
  6. last minute changes???

    got ideas and fixed a few things
    • mid now has elevated platforms for easy boy access
    • added posters
    • soundscape fixes
  7. small things and big thing

    • reverted all doors to the previous size and speeds
    • added a buffer to last using walls
    • closed a door in lobby
    • boy now moves faster with 3 people
    • made the last doors close/open after the boy enters last
    • forward spawns DO NOT DISABLE until the other team captures mid
    • reduced amount of health in map
    • temporarily removed last spectator cams
    • removed mid coverwalls
  8. mirror fixes

    mirror fixes
  9. bug fixes i hope the boy works

    oh boy!!!
  10. sleeker boy, better last

    • completely remade last, routes are basically the same but the general layout should be a lot more interesting
    • new longboy "model", capture zone is only in the middle, with dispensers at each end.
    • doors are now much wider, watch out for sightlines
    • moved some health kits
    • fixes
    • clipping