longboy a22a

very long boy

  1. uwu

    fixed doors opening/closing wrong way
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  2. doors!

    • added doors that close when lobby is capped in balcony to connector
    • adjusted respawn timings for last
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  3. overtime changes

    hey I hastily made new logic for the boy that changes the way overtime works
    • the round timer is now 10 minutes, and time is never added
    • once the timer reaches 0, the overtime logic kicks in
    • overtime means that the boy will never stop moving, no matter what, only changing direction when the other team retakes ownership of him
    • doors open very fast to let the boy keep moving
    • you can't change the speed of the boy while he's in overtime, as he's at a constant speed
    • added...
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  4. fixes and boxes

    fixed packing and added cool boxes
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  5. long awaited

    • expanded lower lobby
    • readded route from lobby balcony, made it much simpler and easier to use
    • closed one of the doors in lower lobby from sideroom
    • remade last spawns
    • added walls and cover in certain spots
    • flipped last spawn top floor exit
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  6. fixes and stuff

    • tidied up forward spawns
    • fixed capping so it shows on the killfeed
    • added doors that close at mid when the cart approaches lobby
    • fixed cameras
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  7. better ( i promise )

    • opened up mid by removing the clunky highground and replacing it with a direct route
    • opened up the mid building by removing some walls and adding a skylight
    • reverted points and spawns to be standard 5cp with 1 forward spawn
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  8. pre beta detail and stuff

    • heavily detailed last on both sides
    • adjusted lower spawns to spawn closer to the top floor
    • win trigger is now further down the track at last
    • nerfed a route to last by making it lowground
    • removed highground for defenders at last, extended area out of spawn, removed overhang building
    • sunk the boy down so that he's technically shorter
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  9. changes to last

    • defenders now have options for highground
    • options include a route to a highground room, and the silo stairs have been reversed
    • spawns now exit high for the top floor, and the bottom floor has more room (and a window)
    • fixed issues regarding nobuilds
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  10. fixies again!! but better

    • tall doors are now wider
    • fixed certain doors
    • fixed some visualizers
    • fixed control points having announcer lines
    • railings on the boy no longer block bullets
    • outside of connector is now wider, but with a fence
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