rotational symmetry

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  1. pont

    Giants rc3

    Stay toasty amidst the permafrost in the waste heat of two giant supercomputers. Giants is a rotational-symmetry Capture the Flag map with an emphasis on intel pushes and a push-pull flow, avoiding the stalemates typical of the mode. Fight amidst basalt columns and fresh snow, then venture deep...
  2. Osac

    Sketch A5

    A WIP blockout of a koth map... with diagonal geometry!
  3. Mugenman88

    Trust a3

    Initial theme is RED and BLU and both running low on money so they look to raid the other team's banks but the gameplay does not currently reflect this, it is unknown whether I will push this theme forward or just make it a more generic city map
  4. Mercia

    Radiotower A7b

    construction themed map This is my third map and I'm very happy with my mapping progress so far. Credits: The Construction Pack - various assets
  5. A Keyboard

    koth_trafficked a3a

    A simple, compact KOTH map including trains that activate when either team caps the point. Looking for feedback on layout, sightlines and train explots/bugs. The goal of this map is to refresh myself of the techniques and aspects involved for level design in the source engine, including...
  6. Owli

    koth_gravelpillar a9

    Both teams try to capture the pillar holding up an overpass for a train carrying gravel.
  7. iNF3CT0R

    Hotpoints A4

    A simple King Of The Hill map, OR IS IT? Instead it features TWO points/hills instead of one! So it's more like: King Of The Hills. This is my first map on so expect shit quality.
  8. zythe_

    zycnewthing a1

    I don't have a name for this map yet, i'm open for suggestions!
  9. Grumple Stumpkin

    koth_catwalk A2

    My first map. Just a simple koth map with a Turbine based theme. The control point is partially enclosed with walls on two sides, with some catwalks above, and a health pack and death pit below it. New in version 2: - Replaced the stairs in the vents with a slope. - Replaced the small health...
  10. Switchgeer

    KoTH Minecart _a2fix

    For my first TF2 map to see the light of day: Koth Minecart! This map takes place underground in a mining area and obstacles include pitfalls and trains. Red Spawn Red Spawn w/ new lighting Mid Cap Point w/ Train Blue Mid Blue Bridge area. (Skybox unfinished) Red Hallway Red Secondary Spawn Exit
  11. pumpko

    longboy b7

    tug of war in one dimension, featuring a very long boy. adopted from yrrzy, layout has been completely changed, with some minor major extreme logic adjustments this is a serious map base layout and majority of the map and detailing by pumpko original idea and longboy by yrrzy original layout...
  12. Cindycomma

    Acreage A1

    A rotationally-symmetrical 5cp map centered around comp gameplay
  13. Waugh101

    Cement A7

    Cement is a King of the Hill map centered around a concrete manufacturing plant. An overview of the map In-Game: The Control Point: Spawn Court Yard: This is the first map I've uploaded to, so please let me know if I missed something when uploading and didn't notice. Since...
  14. Commingle

    CTF_Hexagon version 1.0 2018-07-22

    CTF_Hexagon is a Capture The Flag map with a simple lag-out of a hexonal shaped building in the middle with blu's and red's base on eich side. With the central buildings all having one entrance; there are six ways to get to the center, three ways from eich side (were the bases a located). This...
  15. W+M1 Master

    Snowstorm v01

    This is my first map. It's a snow themed 5CP map. Please report glitches if you had a chance to play, and tell me how to further improve in mapping, if you have the time. Thanks :). I would like to include a special spawn near mid when a team caps the opponent's second CP to help them push to...
  16. Ruffer

    Hilltop B3

    This is my first full TF2 map which is a KOTH map set on a farm.
  17. Holden

    koth_mountainlake A3

    This is my first serious map, I've had experience making tiny 1v1 maps for fun, but this is the first with a functional gamemode meant for full teams. I've only had small playtest on it with a couple of friends so far but I'm pretty happy with the gameplay portion of the map. I recently made...
  18. ProfHappycat

    Ivanpah a6

    a simple little KOTH map i made using the husk of a scrapped 5cp map!
  19. BigfootBeto

    Radsep A1

    Introducing my second, brand new, map, ctf_radsep! Red and Blu have their own secrets for treating radioactive and septic waste, so it's your job to steal them. Run to their base, try not to get yourself killed, take their intel, and run back to home base. Simple stuff. First version of the...
  20. Eve

    72hr koth_production B13

    Welcome to koth_production. The map pits Red and Blu against each other for control of a munitions factory. The map follows a close design to viaduct with a few twists such as having the map use rotational symmetry instead of mirrored symmetry which is seen in most koth maps. Resources used ABS...