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  1. Kiglirs

    Ambition a5

    Set in the vast expanses of the Alpine, Blu has been tasked with investigating Red's mysterious new base of operations and eliminate any threat it poses by pushing the cart into the mysterious electronics that fuels their rival's dominance over the region! Original map made by Huwareyou...
  2. pumpko

    longboy b8a

    tug of war in one dimension, featuring a very long boy. adopted from yrrzy, layout has been completely changed, with some minor major extreme logic adjustments this is a serious map base layout and majority of the map and detailing by pumpko original idea and longboy by yrrzy original layout...
  3. Xayir

    Rockyard A7

    rockyard is an koth map set in the badlands theme original creator is @MaccyF thread (beaters map contest etc):
  4. OctoBlitz

    Marooner's Bay A5a

    Marooner's Bay is the koth map I first adopted and turned into Koth_fiesta, after a year away, I decided to give this project more love and attention then I did when I first started mapping. The base layout of the map is by @MaccyF as they were the original creator of the map before I adopted...
  5. Xayir

    Jenkins B10

    Jenkins is a 5cp map in desert/spytech theme Credits: @GooGuGajoob - original layout @Bucket - layout, detailing @red3pit - detailing