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Fixed issue with blue spawning in red
- Moved spawn back
- Changed spawn layout
- Added new routes between spawn and point
- Added medkits

- Waterfall
- Cliff
Update 2 (Alpha 2 to Alpha 3)

- More planks across the river, as well as some connecting to the main bridge
- A wall that goes over the river

- You can't walk on top of spawn building anymore
- The fences have been changed into walls

- Displacements have been replaced with blocks since they are easier to work with in the Alpha stage
Update #1 (Alpha 1 to Alpha 2)

-Added 2nd story to bridge
-Added roof to bridge (Above he 2nd story)
-Added moving water texture to the water
-Lowered brightness (It is still to bright for HDR users. This WILL be fixed next update)
-Removed some sniper sightlines