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  1. Bisquit

    72hr Jam 2023 Koth_rivertown a4

    A medieval mode king of the hill map set at night on a quiet river-side town. Made within the time-frame of the 72hr jam.
  2. AlrexX [she/they]

    Downstream B2

    View: https://youtu.be/UTU91fpm38I Deep in the forests of Silver Creek, we find a quaint little river amidst forgotten old industrial buildings. Here, Red and Blue are battling it out old-fashioned style, for no particular reason (other than the fact that they claim the opposing team attacked...
  3. AlrexX [she/they]

    CTF Downstream

    AlrexX submitted a new resource: Downstream - Capture the Flag map set in a quiet forest creek. Read more about this resource...
  4. AlrexX [she/they]

    Downstream RC3

    View: https://youtu.be/UTU91fpm38I Deep in the forests of Silver Creek, we find a quaint little river amidst forgotten old industrial buildings. Here, RED and BLU each have crucial intel on... something. Maybe the creek's water has special properties? Who knows what these numbnuts are up to...
  5. Sentry

    Battleburg [KOTH] 1.0

    IMPORTANT THIS IS NOT MEDIEVAL MODE MAP, MM version will be avaible soon Somewhere in the mountains, a lonely, dilapidated fortress still remains unconquered. Red and Blue fight for access to a river that could significantly increase the illegal arms trade. The castle is the key to dominating...
  6. AlrexX [she/they]

    Downstream RC2

    View: https://youtu.be/UTU91fpm38I Deep in the forests of Silver Creek, we find a quaint little river amidst forgotten old industrial buildings. Here, RED and BLU are fighting over control of the area. Why, you may ask? We may never know. Custom assets used...
  7. thetacola

    72hr Jam 2022 Streamside 72h_a2

    This map is a control point map in a small town, with a river running through the middle.
  8. Aapelikaeki

    cp_applecakey_mc16 A1

    Take a stroll trough a nice river town and end up in a secret base. Made for the 16th Microcontest with the challenge of exclusion zones. The map was constructed around pillars where there could be no gameplay space. Also fills the punch of having gameplay around 3 pillars. Uses a skybox from...
  9. MatixPL [F2P]

    GateBoat a6

    Map which I was working on for 4 months, because of not so many ideas. Its a map with control points on each side of river and one inside the bunker.
  10. Marina

    cp_regato a13e2

    cp_regato is a symmetrical 5cp inspired in the "2 chokes" design Set in the italian town of regato, a nice place to stay by the ocean if it weren't infestated by greedy corporations hiding in plain sight, experimenting in the water, mercenaries have been hired to slow down the competition...
  11. Zhiris

    Medieval Rumbridge v3

    My first upload to TF2maps since I finally happy with this map made. I learned most of my mapping by looking at Valve maps and using their Valve development wiki site which is very useful. There are some things what have to be done before I can call this a final release. Some overall advice is...
  12. DrLinnerd

    Alpine V1

    A warehouse in the alpines. A basic KOTH map with a flank door that opens for the team that doesn't have the cap.
  13. PBSpiralGamer

    KOTH Current Alpha 4

    Your typical Red VS Blu setup, but the capture point is on a bridge that's over a river. (Currently not being worked on)
  14. Aapelikaeki

    Frostwire A13

    Frostwire is a snowy urban themed payload map made for the Payload Checklist contest. By @Aapelikaeki and @hamsterkins Blu mounted a bomb cart to tram tracks and try to push it trough a snowy city with cozy houses, a canal, large urban buildings and lots of trams. I the bomb doesn't collide...
  15. 14bit

    Woodside A1A

    Unless I'm mistaken, this is my first map since 2015 that hasn't been for a contest, jam, or other similar special event. 2CP A/D, with no forward spawn for Blu. Instead, they get a shortcut after A is capped. The layout's a bit wacky; there's a lot of height variation and some really hard...
  16. Rissy

    Rail Cross β-1.3

    Made within 2 weeks just for practice. Industrial trainyard located on a shoreline is a best place to fight each other, isn`t it? So, now this map in open Beta testing, but I hope (if I have a freetime) will have finish it by the end of the year. Sounds pretty optimistic. Actually, it will be...
  17. ganglyste@m

    koth_riverwood a3

    a king of the hill map above a river. the main point is on a bridge inspired by the first point on mossrock
  18. Yabayabayaba

    Aligning water textures

    I am making my detail map for the High and Low contest, and am building a river out of displacements. There is a lot of fog, an the river is far down a canyon, so it isn't the focus of attention, and doesn't need extreme detail. However I cannot get the textures to meet up. The displacements are...
  19. hamsterkins

    koth_inu a1e

    Inu is a king of the hill map based in the streets of tokyo. The central point is on a bridge over a river, which has boats down it, allowing the mercenaries to cross to the other side.
  20. Cynder loves Portal

    twin cranes A1.1BSP

    This map is an old map i did This map 2 buidings and cranes. One for blue and one for red. There are plenty of room to place walls, props and what ever you want.