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This doesn't work as a usable map; it is tiny (earlier versions), flat, extreme sightlines, and more effort put into appearances than gameplay. Every

Every version that has been played has been a ****show with its extreme overscaling, confusing design, awful sightline, and non-tf2-like design.

"alpha4" is so much better than the first version but it still has a random feeling design where the creator doesn't seem to have analysed any TF2 map before, I feel they should join every map in single player and run around every inch of the map and think about what they can see (and what they cannot see - i.e. the other side of the map) and maybe this map could be crafted into something more fun and playable, but I think this idea has run its course for now and to move onto something new (where the key part of the map doesn't involve sightlines from one side of the map to the other).

I do not enjoy this map, but the creator has potential and I would love to see them improve and make something better.
I have some good news. The current map I'm working on has everything for a reason, so it won't be the clusterf*ck this is