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  1. Breathe

    koth_grasslands A1

    KOTH_Grasslands is a map that takes place in grassy fields, which will be consisting of more modern-style TF2 buildings. It's meant to be a more close-quartered map besides the mid point which is more open. Made for the Summer 2022 72 Hour event. (reuploaded because I used the wrong category...
  2. G

    koth_mannshack v2

    A small king of the hill map (24 player maximum). This is my second map, so I tried to add a lot more thing than the previous one.
  3. Opplydead

    dirtvalley 05

    You're tracking mud all over the battlements, soldier! Maybe you should be spending less times playing in the mud and spend more time defending one of many, simultaneously cappable points, or even begin a defense at your last. You never know when the cloak and daggers lurk patiently on the...
  4. Mr. B121

    koth_winter_resort a6

    a koth map deigned to resemble the major ski resorts of the Midwest. This is my very first map, hopefully its not horrible
  5. Will Alfred

    Trade_Eastloch v50

    Heya, Welcome. So, as you've problaby seen by my uploads, Trade_Eastloch got reuploaded in as a different map and version. And theres a reason for it; im Deleting the v13, because it's just not worth keeping it up, since there's a better and patched version over. Yes, i do know that i could...
  6. H1gh0nSt34m

    southerncliff a2a

    Saxton Hale got bored of wrestling with tigers and has now obtained property on Java to fight Komodo Dragons. Oh, you're coming along, too. This map was originally created for the summer 2020 72 hr Jam and has now been reuploaded. This map was first created on September 5th, 2020 at 8:00...
  7. Gravidea

    Zephyr a3

    With Mountain Lab being one of my favourite maps, I've wanted to try a 3CP Attack/Defend map for a while now. The map is planned to be themed similarly to Lumberyard, using a few gameplay concepts I came up with to put into the same map! The idea for the map is that BLU (Builders League United)...
  8. Thod_

    [3CP] Dispose A4

    Presenting the first version of my new map Dispose Each control point has multiple attack routes and health/ammo kits nearby. Indoor areas have high roofs to allow more vertical movement. Middle control point is sheltered to prevent soldier spam. Both sides come with an indoor flank route that...
  9. PBSpiralGamer

    KOTH Current Alpha 4

    Your typical Red VS Blu setup, but the capture point is on a bridge that's over a river. (Currently not being worked on)

    Achievement Idle Neon & Ben! v29

    A facility that encompasses lavaworks, railways, and lots of places to explore while you do whatever you want; whether it's to idle, kill, or trade. Originally made in 2015, Neonheights, made the base version of this map, and soon after releasing it, he had let me develop it further. After many...
  11. Jaidendestroyer

    Forest Frontier A1

    Forest Frontier A forest themed mvm map hey, this is my first map, Forest Frontier! The missions for this map are just for testing, so if you have any ideas on what should be in the waves and mission be sure to say it :) Anyway, hope you have fun playing my map. Criticism Welcome!
  12. The Siphon

    Dale A2

    KOTH Dale is a map set in the green farm lands somewhere in the USA. Red and Blu are fighting over the midground between the more industrious Blu and more traditional Red. After years of lurking on the forums and couple years since my first gameplay map, I decided to give it a second go...
  13. Some_J_Name

    koth_loading bay a3

    This is my 1st ever attempt to make an actual map for tf2. All I really care about is whether the gameplay is good. I was originally going to make the map completely indoors, but i thought that the way it is now looks better. RED and BLU accidentally built their shipping warehouses right next...
  14. It's me sized!

    Center A4

    Prototype KOTH map taking place in a research facility of some kind.