small map

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  1. FPeely

    koth_tallbridge Alpha 2.01

    The first map I have ever made in hammer. On the lookout for feedback, will continue developing the map.
  2. SoulzBerry

    Sundrop a2

    This is a fairly small KOTH map. It doesn't have any special mechanics or gimmicks. I don't have a set theme and the layout may change greatly later on. I originally designed it a while ago as a SD map but decided to drop it very early on. I recently found it again and decided to simplify it to...
  3. ItsOnlyMilky

    Strongarm A1

    Strongarm is a KOTH map with a moving point! The point is suspended from the arm of the crane at the center of the map- the point is static at first, but when captured will begin to move as the crane rotates (clockwise when the point is controlled by BLU, and counter-clockwise when the point is...
  4. ItsOnlyMilky

    Koth_Topside B8

    Topside is a compact King Of The Hill map set at the top of two tall buildings. Players spawn on the lower floor at the back of their own building and must proceed upstairs to the main combat area- the left door is the main route, whereas the right door leads quickly to a risky flank. The...
  5. waterbottle50

    koth_midway_rise 2021-10-10

    This is my first map ive made it is a small koth map themed around trains and industry it is made to be a face paced map for those who like the rush of tf2, Please feel free to give me any feedback in the comments and enjoy
  6. Chilliman

    KOTH_Facility 1

    small, with some cover dont expect alot this is my FIRST MAP
  7. bagelchips

    koth_dustpit A1

    My first map, so don't expect perfect balance. A small, viaduct inspired koth map with a choice, go blindly out a vent for quick access to the point, or take a longer, safer path. Just like viaduct, this map is symmetrical mirrored. Just dev textures, unoptimized, and with a bad skybox.
  8. kolechian III

    koth_spy_hq_a1 2021-08-01

    The official spying headquarters of the world! It is responsible for all spy-related equipment and activity. It is a fairly small map and actually my first ever map. The theme is spying and spy tech and where it all comes from.
  9. Owli

    Gravel Ditch a3a

    ever wanted a map so small you can trimp across it and kill some one respawning?
  10. Rocketboi

    Koth_trainway 0.01

    Still in the works.
  11. Owli

    koth_highgravel a5

    Small map started without a plan in mind. Tried to think of every class playing it and seeing what to add for the class. the roof on the point is for demo to bank shot his pills off of it on point to get any sentries or scouts and general splash damage on point. Railing on the third floor stairs...
  12. SenterySapper08

    trade_hoovyboxing_a1987_2020fix2 A1

    It's been a while, huh? I made this map as practice way back in 2016. It was awful. After procrastinating for a few years, I decided to head back in and finally put in the necessities. Things like respawn rooms, decor, lighting... you know... the basics. Finally, after about a few days of work...
  13. JaNNN

    koth_centigrade b1

    A small winter themed koth map that I made in order to practice making less artificial-looking maps.
  14. Ovalos™

    koth_Stock B1

    A small KOTH map with a good amount of verticality and a water section in the middle. Originally named stockpile, I changed the name because there was another map already using it (Although I didn't find it on the workshop so I didn't notice). The map is a bit underdetailed, but I think the...
  15. Dr. Snoop

    CTF_2BasePF A115b

    CTF 2Base is a "Pre-Fortress 2 Optimized" Neutral CTF map where you take the intelligence from the central base via the bridges or lower entrances and return it to your base's capture point. Neutral CTF: Take the Intelligence and return it to YOUR Base to Capture! TF2, PF2, TF2C, TF2V, Etc...
  16. Printed Paper

    Train Gate 2019-11-17

    My first map! I made this a while back when I was first interested in creating maps. About the map now. A small map, with a capture point in the center. Capturing the point will result in gates closing around the control point, and a train will swoop in and kill whoever stands inside.
  17. The Almighty Can

    Koth control point not enabling

    I'm in the process of making a map (new mapper) and its going well (its a koth map) , till i hit a road block. That being the Control point deciding that enabling was not in its best option. It had the voice lines for enabling, it just decided I'm not going to work. I've tried many tutorials on...
  18. K

    ctf_invade_a1 2019-08-06

    ctf_invade is a small-ish invasion ctf map. The goal of each team is to bring a neutral bomb to a death located at the other team's base. the catch? If the bomb is dropped and isn't picked up within 10 seconds, the bomb will become neutral and will stay at it's spot for 10 more seconds before...
  19. V

    Grunge_Bar 2019-08-06

    Small bar with physics objects.
  20. Coockie1172

    koth_centre a1_fixed

    This is mostly a map for me to learn on how to work in the hammer editor. I'd love feedback on this and I hope you enjoy