tug o war

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  1. Popalofiti

    Looking for VScript contributor

    Hiya, I'm looking for someone who knows vscript to help out with creating some logic for Tug of War + Having another to bounce ideas off of. Looking to tweak/add things such as: Cart Speed over the course of the game Respawn times over the course of the game Better UI (if possible, not...
  2. Kiglirs

    kiglirs_mc20 a1b

    My 1st entry of a MC!
  3. Kube

    Berlebeck B5

    This map is now part of Kube's Fumble Bundle! (although the bundle's version is slightly out-of-date) A tug of war map on a desert plateau, made for the Payload Checklist Contest. Logic prefab by Ynders. Custom assets used. (Screenshots are from B3.)
  4. JLuka

    Care Package b3

    [barrel cart is a place holder till i can figure out how to change it with it breaking] Tug of War Payload Race around an experimental chemical weapon facility using the frontline theme tug of war prefab i used: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/tug-of-war-payload-ynders-edition.2598/
  5. T

    Tug O' War A7

    The saga of Red and Blue fighting over meaningless things continues as they have a "tug of war" over which direction a "tug boat" circles. Pun extremely intended :p . Gameplay revolves around getting on and capturing a moving boat with a koth point on it. Capture the point and it circles...
  6. 14bit

    Multi Stage Guava Gulf A7B

    My entry for the Connect 5 contest. Here's the row I'm going for, though it actually fulfills all of the tiles in the top row and a bunch of others around the board as well: Guava Gulf is a 3-stage PLR map. Stage one starts by the ocean, stage two is farther inland with a cave, and stage...
  7. JLuka

    plr Care Package b2

    Send the enemy team a supply of sabotage in this Tug of War, frontline themed map centered around an experimental chemical weapons factory. Push the bomb in the center to the enemy base. (very early wip)
  8. eighttailedfox

    Mein Mines a5

    Mein Mines is a TugOWar payload map. Set on a small island, once used as a supply base for the Mercs. It's become a hotspot of war. Red vs Blu. Winner takes the supplies. Gamemode Entity work provided by fubar Custom Models from the Frontline Pack.
  9. chemelia

    432 A1

    Originally made for the 2016 7.2 Hour contest. Thanks to Urban for donating during the stream! Featuring barrels, and a surf ramp at mid for some reason.
  10. chemelia

    Tug of War Payload - Ynders Edition V2

    A simple 3-point tug-o-war payload prefab. The entity setup is based on Icarus's, but is less complex, with only 3 points, a cap of 3 on the text display, and no dynamic push speed changes.
  11. NotSoHoriz

    72hr Coalcreek a1 Reupload

    This is my submission for the 72hr Jam. It is a simple Tug-of-War map set in an alpine location. So far this map's logic is complete but a few map details that will be fixed in a future update since I didn't have the time to manage all that. Otherwise, this map works fine. Enjoy. Made by: Not...
  12. Kube

    Greenstone B1_reupload

    This map is now part of Kube's Fumble Bundle! Now in Beta! In Greenstone (formerly Tidepool), two teams battle over a temple they each plan to use for their own nefarious purposes... Greenstone features the Tug-O-War custom gamemode. Two teams fight to push a single cart that starts out in...