pass time

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  1. 14bit

    14bit MC24 a1a

    Made for MC24, based on prompts from DoctorDoomtrain64 The run-in goal is underwater!
  2. August101

    pass_snowsteel a4b

    Contest entry for the 2022 tfconnect contest: A pass time map with a koth gimmick where I try to design it christmas-y
  3. dropknock

    pass_ruin a5

    Made for the 4v4 PASS Time competitive community. View: Features: • Platforms that act as jump multipliers for med only use, intented to give more mobility/gamapley impact to the class. • Ulama inspired rings on the sides that give anyone who goes...
  4. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Proyard b2

    PROYARD The successor to Brickyard Created in June 2021, the map aims to improve gameplay for the competitive season. Brickyard issues were found during the PASS Time Federation Season 2 tournament and got fixed in this map.
  5. Emily Vasquez

    Medieval Probowl 2022-05-05

    As time went on, and the constant bloodshed throughout Redmond and Blutarch's rivalry for the Badlands continued, they've finally decided to settle this in a traditional manner: Putting their mercenaries in a live event of American Football to see who gets the land. They figured "Why not make...
  6. Fluury

    Bedtime 2022-03-31

    smalltime halloween map, pass time and halloween, a cursed combination this is my retribution FEATURING: - A bunch of AoE JACK Effects that switch every single time the ball spawns, ranging from your classic minicrits to the incredible watersphere or kill-throw-ball - no run-in, instead a...
  7. ❤littlefirez❤

    Basket ball stadium A1

    I decompiled a map from left 4 dead 2 and changed the missing textures to tf2 textures as well as the bottom of the map i used passtime and medieval mode for this (for balancing )
  8. Ismaciodismorphus

    Tundratown v3

    Its Timbertown! but oh no big industry has arrived! Rio Grande coal has set up a coal mine in the Blu district with The binski logging company shredding their way through the Red district. Clearly the only way this corporate war between front companies can end is a game of soccerhockeybasketball...
  9. *Turns into crocodile*

    gococo a2

    - adpass prefab: - Tree pines:
  10. Le Codex

    Codex MC17 A5

    Made for Micrcontest 17 Completed categories: Fire and Wind It's just Hot Potato. You burn while holding the JACK. It eventually explodes. Last team alive wins. (A HUGE thank you to Leezo for the custom res file which made this 10 time more legible and therefore better :cookie:) Was made for...
  11. leezo

    A/D PASS Time + CP - Gamemode Prefab Version 1

    A prefab for a PASS Time gamemode variant where Blu needs to score a goal in order to unlock the control point they need to capture before it locks itself down after a set amount of time.
  12. Fluury

    2time a1a

    ya know it baby this map is an attempt at an "evolution" of smalltime - taking all the good of it without all the bad, at least in theory featuring: - all the gameplay changes from smalltime - megapieman is there too - no run-in goals, because why have run-in goals they just confuse people - a...
  13. A

    PASS Time ball, without PASS Time gamemode?

    I'm working on a wild map that's jam-packed with stuff, and one thing I'd love is to have the pass-time ball, but it isn't a pass time map. Ideally I'd love to have it be as simple as somehow activating the 'info_passtime_ball_spawn' without need for a 'passtime_logic' but if that's impossible...
  14. Toool

    $30 to whomever converts the TFC Minigolf maps

    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this request. TFC was the first massive multiplayer game that I ever played, I was merely a young kid when I started in the early days of Steam, and I've still got tons of fond memories rushing home from school so I could check into Axl's TFC...
  15. Fluury

    Additional PASS Time Logic Prefab v1

    This Prefab contains all the crackhead logic used for the PASS Time changes made in Smalltime. Goal of these changes is to improve PASS Time in pubs, make it less frustrating for players and to add a bunch of quality of life changes. You can read more about the thought process and why all of...
  16. Kaleidescoop

    PASS Time Goal Signs v2

    These helpful PASS Time signs indicate what kind of goal is nearby, allowing players to better understand what to do with the JACK. Includes three different sets of signs for Throw-In goals, Run-In goals, and Bonus goals. Each set has grey, red, and blue variants. To install, drag the...
  17. Fluury

    Overlay PASS Time Goal Name Decals

    Hey! Players tend to get very confused in PASS Time. They lack information on how to interact with the goals, causing them to do stupid things which frustrates everyone. Let's help with that! I suggest 3 simple "Goal Decals" which display the name of the goal (Run-In, Throw-In and "Bonus...
  18. nesman

    Rocketforge a1

    The glorious map rocketforge is now in the amazing gamemode pass time! Original A/D Pass Time logic by Flipy:
  19. Fluury

    PASS Time "Map Intro Tutorial" Video!

    Heya! PASS Time is a somewhat complicated gamemode that heavily relies on it's players knowing what the fuck is going on and how to play it. Unfortunately, it doesn't really do much to try to teach you this info outside of a small wall of text at the beginning of a round that vanishes after 5...
  20. 14bit

    Multi Stage Goalrush B2

    Goalrush is an experimental port of Goldrush into an Attack/Defense version of PASS Time. The ball instantly resets when Red gets the ball, and all players are granted minicrits when the PASS meter is filled. The final goal at the end of Stage 3 is a bonus goal, which requires filling the PASS...