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  1. GigaBite

    Help with payload goldrush style chute and flashing light on bomb

    Hi everyone, I've got 2 separate, payload-related issues that I'd really appreciate some help with. My first issue is that I've been trying to create a chute for the payload cart to descend down into at the end of stage 1 of my map, like how the cart does in pl_goldrush. I've come pretty far, I...
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    sky_goldrush_02 12/4/2021

    An edit of goldrush's skybox to invoke a more nuclear theme by tinting it green
  3. Yelta + 옐다

    Corrirush 1.0

    A more interesting take on duel maps. My favorite part of all TF2 maps mirrored and retextured to create a fair, challenging playground for 1v1s and small team deathmatches. I found this on my PC with only a hand full of things to fix before release, so although I don't do maps anymore, I...
  4. 14bit

    Multi Stage Goalrush B2

    Goalrush is an experimental port of Goldrush into an Attack/Defense version of PASS Time. The ball instantly resets when Red gets the ball, and all players are granted minicrits when the PASS meter is filled. The final goal at the end of Stage 3 is a bonus goal, which requires filling the PASS...
  5. Arenovas

    Gold Valley A3

    A KOTH map taking place within an abandoned mountain town used during the gold rush.
  6. KrazyZark

    Coldrush Rc1a

    -Credits- End of the Line Prop Pack by Fr0Z3nR Snowycoast Models pack by EArkham TF2 Emporium Vehicle Prop Pack by Square Holiday Calendar Pack by Void Winter Signs Pack by Nineaxis Christmas Lights (Move_rope) by Bakscratch Themed Wood Beams by Tumbolisu Candy Cane model by Rexy Optimized...
  7. TheGhostThatWas

    Team-Swapped Maps B3-B7

    Includes altered versions of: Upward Badwater Goldrush Gorge Gravel Pit Dustbowl Used content from TF2Maps: Rocket002 with blue materials by honeymustard BLU Imports of Red Products by Void Crossroads Custom Props by Jonah Red Cart Bomb by killohurtz Additional Letters by Mikroscopic Tank001...