april fools

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  1. Startacker!

    April Fools Day Map Archive, 2012-Beyond

    File decay! Dropbox closing public links! Dead links! How lovely! I've gone through the Gamedays and Contests that I've been active for and archived the map packs from them to the best of my ability. Some of these are the original ZIP packs from their respective Gamedays, others are replications...
  2. norfolk

    Botines a1

    An April Fools map with an arbitrary gamemode where nothing makes sense. Meant for full servers with crazy, chaotic gameplay as you and your servermates try and unravel the mysteries and absurdities of BOTINES.
  3. SuperLuxDeluxe

    KotH and Ball Torture a1d

    Welcome to KotH and Ball Torture! An experimental combination of King of the Hill and Passtime made for the April Fool's 2022 game day. The gamemode works just like KotH, except you have to score with the Passtime JACK in order to cap the point. The JACK spawns initially to the side of mid...
  4. P-4rio

    mobility aprfools

    april fools map intentionally really bad and unfun
  5. Squaggies

    (April Fools) April 1969 Calendar rc69L

    completely accurate to the 1969 lore! and on the american calendar format too! no need to credit, but it would be appreciated
  6. Startacker!

    BLOOD FOOLED - An April Fools Gameday

    Banner by Startacker Wake up bro... new april fool. It's April Fools! A time to celebrate and play a bunch of joke maps. You know this. To submit a map, send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE on either the forums here, or on Discord (Startacker#5562) with your map. This map NEEDS to be your own. That's...
  7. Mikroscopic

    Resupply a1

    Lumberyard but everybody is healthier
  8. pont

    Cooler Upward a4

    Made for Startacker's 2021 April Fools gameday, The Expedition. My take at how Upward could be improved, as well as a chilly change of scenery. :) ASSETS: Bespoke assets - Iiboharz, Yrrzy Audio help - Bec Pickup Prefabs, Jump Pad Prefabs - Yrrzy Snowbase Assets - Idolon, Yrrzy EoTL Asset Pack...
  9. Yrr

    Big Boys a5

    Made for April Fools 2021 Concept, Logic, Textures, Design by Yrrzy Layout by Pont Voiceover by Benjamoose Special Thanks Mr. Burguers Catfish FloofCollie Idolon Startacker
  10. 14bit

    Multi Stage Goalrush B1A

    Goalrush is an experimental port of Goldrush into an Attack/Defense version of PASS Time. The ball instantly resets when Red gets the ball, and all players are granted minicrits when the PASS meter is filled. The final goal at the end of Stage 3 is a bonus goal, which requires filling the PASS...
  11. Da Spud Lord

    No Man's Skybox A5a

    its a procedural map generator, but its kinda ️roke seems to run fine on listen servers fix soon
  12. [GIB] Kapwiing

    pd_amogus a4

    Hi everyone, this crap is a joke map I made for the 2021 April Fools event. Its based on the layout of "The Skeld", an among us map. Its filled with crappy memes and is not meant to be played seriously. You can deposit your points by going into the airlocks that open at random intervals. Feel...
  13. Punn Ames Ardum

    How would I send the players flying?

    I'm trying to "beam" up players and push them into pits (because I am trying to do something for april 1st); though the "up" part isn't really working that well. I need help to make it to where it just shoots the player up and/or move them fast horizontally. - Thanks for reading, Ardum
  14. Startacker!

    THE EXPEDITION - An April Fools Gameday

    Banner by Startacker WELCOME GAMERS! I may have retired, but that doesn't mean the spirit of April Fools doesn't run inside me! It's like an awful curse. A hex even! But enough of the talk, what's this about? It's April Fools! A time to celebrate and play a bunch of joke maps, new and old...
  15. Sympuppy

    The Underground War a4

    The Underground War was a classic game from the old days of Roblox. Teams would dig underground into the enemy base and steal the enemy flag. I remade the map in tf2 for Startacker's 2020 April Fools contest. I say that it's a 1:1 recreation, but there are a few differences from the original: -...
  16. Startacker!

    Startacker's April Fools 2020 Mini-Contest RESULTS

    I told you I got this! FIRST PLACE TF2 Party by BigfootBeto! SECOND PLACE Cooler Badwater by pont! THIRD PLACE Gorge 2 by 14bit! MvM WINNER H2O2 by randomguy! Honorary Titles: Largest On-Stream Reaction: 21Gorge by Mikroscopic Best Bait and Switch: Pheoblands by Yrrzy Most Unapologetic...
  17. Mikroscopic

    21Gorge behind the scenes: Why a control point map needs NPC entities

    For Startacker's 2020 April Fool's Day contest, I created a map named cp_21gorge. It's an edit of 5gorge but with 21 control points instead of 5. I actually came up with the idea for a control point map with an ungodly number of points several years ago, but was never able to make it due to...
  18. Wilson

    Cenation A1E

    Push John Cena into the RED Backyard Wrestling's squared circle, so he can destroy it before their debut on national television. Made for April Fool's contest 2020. Features John Cena, cars, Michael Cole's screams of pain, a wrestling ring and a gay baby jail. Don't expect many updates on...
  19. Da Spud Lord

    Jetpacks n' Shotguns V3b

    What if Scout had a jetpack? Sounds like a cool idea, right? Well Scout sure thought it was, and now he has 1000 jetpacks and a crapload of debt! Jet around this map with a super-high jump, a forward dash, and your trusty Scattergun (and also a pistol, if you're a little b****). Kill enemies and...
  20. Emil_Rusboi

    Stalker Zone v1 (broken)

    Duty and Freedom members fighting each other to take control of the abandoned brewery in the center of Pripyat. But they don't know that emission coming their way... Stalkerzone - PD map made specially for April Fools 2020 contest! This map is reference to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series...