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  1. Emil_Rusboi

    Emil Naty MC22 a1

    Microcontest 22 collab entry by me and Nat-Tea
  2. Perry

    Chiller RC4

    One Halloween night, A celebration of all that is spooky, and kooky: An alarm blairs, Hell has frozen ove- Literally. B.L.U, wanting to seeze their opertunity to gain entrance too an unlimited source of Hell power, rush to arms. While R.E.D, putting their party hats down; they grab their guns...
  3. Endermage77

    cp_hex [TF2 Classic] a3

    This map is designed for Team Fortress 2 Classic, and will not function if used in normal TF2. Team Green is beset on three sides by teams Red, Blue, and Yellow. Will any of the attackers wrest control of the point from the others, or will Green hold out against all odds?
  4. BombaSticked

    cp_cliffwood a1a

    Credits Tall Thin Pines by Diva Dan Trucks by KrazyZark Snowy Coast Assets by EArkham
  5. ❤littlefirez❤

    HyperFlame V4

    I am trying to make mvm maps that allow you to play on both teams (also playing with bots sucks)
  6. D0om

    Caldera rc2

    Made in collaboration with @Emil_Rusboi 5CP attack/defense map inspired by steel with the final point inside a volcano. Why would anyone build a base inside an active volcano? Don't know. CREDITS: - @scrly for brushwork scrlyguns visible at A - @Niro for continued feedback on clipping - @Kube...
  7. Sonoma

    Unofficial Minor Contest #1: A/D CTF & A/D PASSTIME

    U P L O A D T H R E A D Unofficial Minor Contest: Upload Thread | Welcome! This will be the first of hopefully many unofficial Minor Contests hosted by the community. Now that the Rule of Three Major is over (6 month long contest wow) we can now move on to another mapping prompt...
  8. nesman

    Rocketforge a1

    The glorious map rocketforge is now in the amazing gamemode pass time! Original A/D Pass Time logic by Flipy:
  9. 14bit

    Multi Stage Goalrush B1A

    Goalrush is an experimental port of Goldrush into an Attack/Defense version of PASS Time. The ball instantly resets when Red gets the ball, and all players are granted minicrits when the PASS meter is filled. The final goal at the end of Stage 3 is a bonus goal, which requires filling the PASS...
  10. TheNoobThatWas

    Residential A1

    This is stage one of a two stage A/D map. The concept revolves around a multiple story mansion with a point on each floor. My goal was to make an indoor map that still allows advanced mobility options to function (rocket jumping, trimping, etc.) When the attackers capture point A, several doors...
  11. Neketo

    WolfDen A1

    Spytech-themed 2CP attack/defend map, soon to be set in space. Created for the 72 Hour Jam 2020
  12. Wilson

    Backalley 2020 A1

    There is an alley, it's night, I don't know what you want from me.
  13. Red Dagger

    cp_reddagger72 a1

    2cp a/d: made for the 2020 72 hour jam, I honestly gave up caring about making a layout I liked about 2 hours in and bloody well aren't testing this, was mostly an excuse to create something
  14. Tiftid

    Simplified A3

    When I saw the Back to Basics contest, I thought it was a pretty good idea. Turns out I missed that contest. So I challenged myself to finally make a map that doesn't suck. To aid myself in this endeavor, I chose a simple gamemode (2 stage A/D) and didn't strap any stupid gimmicks onto it (for...
  15. Aulli

    Cairo A6a

    A three control point Attack/Defend, Blu starts in a riverside villa, and has to fight their way through the town to ultimately take control of the Dockyard and its floodgates, taking over the river shipping routes. Credits: Wooden double doors by 'Louie "Bakscratch" Turner' Arabian Market...
  16. kevin gator

    Scourge B5

    cp_scourge is an Attack/Defend map designed with 6v6 (and Prolander, to an extent) in mind. This is not a Gravel Pit copy however; it's something entirely new. The layout is similar to that of cp_steel, but with only 4 control points and a much more modern approach to geometry. Scourge combines...
  17. cupcaaakes

    cp_apollo A6

    cp_apollo is a moonbase-themed Attack/Defend map which I made to get back into making creative things with my PC. Made with immense help from @lucky. Thanks, buddy! I'm very sorry for everyone that is going to play this, this is my very first map and I haven't worked with 3D software in quite a...
  18. Pyrollenium

    boomertown a1

    Probably a placeholder name. 2CP Attack/Defend
  19. samjooma

    cp_industry a5

    A city/industrial themed attack/defend map where blue team spawns in a warehouse and tries to take over red team's factory. Blue spawn: Path to control point A: Control point A: Shortcut to B after A has been captured: Path to control point B: Control point B: Red spawn...
  20. Conga Dispenser

    cp_Radiant A3

    2 of 3-4 control points I plan on making