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Driveable Tanks! 0.7

Hammer prefab(s) and sourcemod plugin for tanks that players can drive around.

This is my attempt at making the tanks from Frontline able to be driven by players. It has two parts: a basic entity setup in the map that determines how players get into tanks, and a sourcemod plugin that makes the tanks work properly.

The final goal for this is to make some prefabs people can use in their maps, with the server mod only affecting maps that were built for it. Right now I've only just got some of the basic functions of the tanks working, but ultimately I'm planning to have the tanks operate differently depending on which class is in them, and possibly create a few new game-modes centered around controlling vehicles.

The .bsp for the example map and the .smx for the plugin are both in the zip folder, along with the decompiled versions for anyone who wants to take a look at how everything works.

Both the mod and the map are needed for this to work; the map will be glitchy if the soucemod plugin isn't running, and the sourcemod plugin only activates if the map tells it to (or if anyone gets in a bumper car. I'm planning on fixing that compatibility issue in a future version).
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Latest updates

  1. 100% Functional 95% of the Tme

    Mostly just updating to fix the whole metadata issue, but I did manage to fix a few spy-based bugs. *The spy-tank no longer drops a Mannpower power-up if killed too fast. Unfortunately, this fix breaks the mod's compatibility with Mannpower mode...
  2. Spytech

    Spy now has a brand-new tank! It doesn't fire anything, but it has the plague ability from Mannpower mode when the player is above 200 HP. The other feature of the spy tank is that it can turn invisible! It's bound to the player's normal...
  3. The Power of Science!

    Two new class tanks complete! Engineer Tank: It has a sentry gun on it. Just drive the sentry gun into enemies and watch the carnage. Medic Tank: Has a tiny, crappy syringe cannon. But, the tank also heals nearby allies + gives them ammo, and...