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  1. Tea at '5

    Muscle car v1

    If your map needs models you can message me whenever on discord (Nat-Tea#4109)
  2. RedShift

    International Loadstar Truck 2023-01-15

    This is my first ever model of vehicle I fully made. It is based on International Harvester Roadstar. It has 4 color variations: green (base), RED n BLU, yellow. NOTICE: - No editing / reuploading my model without asking for permission. - No distribution of my model. Tip: It fits farm, swamp...
  3. KrazyZark

    RV Camper Van V1

    A camper rv I modelled for the summer 72 hour jam. 3 lods 6 skins 2 models for wheel pos
  4. MegapiemanPHD

    Motorcity a1

    Red teams at it again. This time they are developing some kind of new vehicle they call the D.U.M.B (Deployable Ultimate Mobile Base) hidden within the perfect cover, a car factory. Credits: Layout - MegapiemanPHD Vehicle Props - FGD5
  5. KrazyZark

    TF2 p30 Stepvan V1

    RED BREAD! comes with 6 skins Geerld's light session:
  6. Fault in Maps

    The TF2 Train, HO Scale

    Project Goal: Recreate the classic TF2 Train seen in Well and other maps. Day 1 (Half Day) This project starts with an existing locomotive: an undecorated Bachmann Plus EMD GP35. Not the flashiest locomotive, but a nice cheap start for a project like this. I obtained this last weekend...
  7. D.C.V.

    Hatchback Remastered aV1

    Here's the remodeled of the Japanese hatchback. I'd made this last week. it's because to me, the old one (from last year 2020) has some bad edges. So I decide to remaster it. The six color skins are the same. Feel free to make props for your map project. NOTICE: Do not edit my model or...
  8. Argo

    koth_vehicle_example A11

    Combined-arms warfare in TF2 created with map logic! Disclaimer: Currently this example is less-than-suitable for online play due to optimisation issues, but can still be tested offline with bots or online with a friend or two. I'm still keeping this uploaded as an "open source" resource...
  9. D.C.V.

    Hatchback V4

    Umm... hello, that's my first time I registered to TF2 maps last Friday. I made a small Japanese compact car with roof racks on from scrap, since TF2 don't have Asian vehicles, so I used Blender the first time in the late May to early June. The model was based on the 1972 Honda Civic (1st...
  10. KrazyZark

    UAZ 2721 V2

    had fun losing sleep and making it!
  11. r0nii

    boxcar with doubledoor v2

    Model that i made for youporkchop5 He said i should send it on so i made it. it doesn't have LOD but it has nice collisions. i hope this item will suit in your map :) edit: forgot to say. the prop goes to models/prop_vehicles/
  12. KrazyZark

    KrazyZark's Vehicle pack part 1 V7a

    Finally after 7 months of not working on this I've finished this started finishing Models after starting them! And The pack will be updated with new vehicles when I finish more. ===Finished Models=== 1956 Ford F100 pickup with fence 1970 Ford Econoline with box 1955 Ford Mainline 1940 Ford...
  13. Ovalos™

    pd_helium A2

    Player destruction map set inside a zepelin gondola, the pickups are australium bars. The point is some sort of platform that lowers when enabled and starts burning right as it goes away, I know this makes no sense but I thought it'd be fun so what the hell. This map was made for the Pick it Up...
  14. june

    Commute A1

    - City-like buildings with many playable rooftops. - Has a working train that you may stand inside with 2 stations per team, delivering you from spawn to the center. - Similar to koth but has 2 points, owning both points doubles countdown. - Very ideal map size for 12v12 - Flank routes, water...
  15. KrazyZark

    Texture I have some vehicle models that need texturing. (DEAD)

    Hello I'v had these models in works for about 2 months, some on and off, I did try to texture them but failed miserably and need some of the talent from you people. Dm me if your interested in helping, thank you!
  16. Crowbar

    Muscle Car 2019-05-09

    It's a muscle/sports/whatever car from (hopefully) rougly the time TF2 takes place at. It comes in two skins, red and blue, which additionally change up the livery and the wheels a bit. It has a reasonable collision model, so it should fear no gameplay space. It utilizes normal and phong maps...
  17. Monoko

    dusktilldawn_monoko 2019-06-30

    This is my entry to the 2019 Dusk til Dawn detailing competition. The map consists of a gas station, the front and back, an abandoned house, and cars that use a logic system that has it so that they obey road light laws and dont crash into each other. HIGHLY RECOMMEND PLAYING SOLDIER OR DEMO...
  18. Destskelen

    Controlled vehicle

    Playing on the map dr_safety_first_final I noticed that there is сontrolled vehicle. Who knows how to do it? If there is information somewhere, tell me where. Thanks!
  19. The_Evil_Pickle

    72hr Driveable Tanks! 0.7

    This is my attempt at making the tanks from Frontline able to be driven by players. It has two parts: a basic entity setup in the map that determines how players get into tanks, and a sourcemod plugin that makes the tanks work properly. The final goal for this is to make some prefabs people can...
  20. DioJoestar

    M515 Jeep Mutt 2016-05-09

    A simple Jeep with two textures (jungle and desert) with two LOD's.