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cp_Railed_Mountains a2

Rails and mountains

Here's my first map, I followed the tutorials of Crash.

The map is in an early stage so it can has some bugs, if you find one, tell me and i'll try to fix it.

And... the red bots like one of the spawn wall, so if someone know how to fix that tell me pls.

Thx for read, and I whish you'll enjoy the map.

(sorry for my english, my native language is spanish)
[EIST] Tf2Master :3
First release
Last update
Capture Points

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  • Pirate Coast
    Pirate Coast
    Red pirates had attacked the mining town and now blue team need to push them away
  • Fortline
    Blue Froces begins an operation to capture a fortification of the Red Forces

Latest updates

  1. Some Gameplay changes

    Well, the cp_orange style control point will be removed soon, now I want to keep that tower. As you can see I changed the B control of both sides, adding two new ways to enter to the point. Also I reduse the cap-time from 30, 20, 10 to 15, 10...